Dog Seizures / Subscriber Questions / Chalk Paint / The Kacha Podcast Ep 21

In this episode of The Kacha Podcast I will get you guys updated about Duke. He had a few days of seizures that would not stop. I also answered lots of your …


  1. Regarding Duke…just wondering if springtime sets off his seizures as you mentioned it's happened the last 2 years in May. You moved to another part of the country and many humans have allergic reactions in the spring when they move, so perhaps dogs do too? When the grass blooms, etc.

  2. I hope your pup is okay. Please read up on the dangers of vaccination. My cat has seizures from being double vaccinated as a kitten in the shelter plus the flea & tick liquid stuff.

  3. Hi, love your podcast. Where are you from? You mentioned Serbian language. I speak the same language. Just started furniture painting and love your Chanel.

  4. Also, love the earrings and that amazing silver ring you wear on your right hand. And …if people don’t like the way you do your drawers that should not be critical. You do it your ways and they can do it their way! People should not be so critical of others especially someone as gifted as you!

  5. Our music and our animals fill that place in our lives that connect us and make us whole! I feel like it clears my mind when my favorite music is playing in my shop and when my sweet dog only wanted to sit my my feet when I was sad or happy and he was my best buddy. Duke always seems to love all your work! His smile is so cute when he sits by your beautiful pieces.

  6. Verdigreen website offers king gold wax.
    Thankfully your sweet Duke boy is doing ok. My little fur baby fell out of bed and started having severe seizures. The seizures were not stopping no matter what the emergency vet tried. I'm so broken hearted losing her. Please give your sweet babies a extra hug and kiss for me.

  7. So glad Duke is on the mend! How is your neck? Can't believe you have over 20 podcasts now! I've watched all of them. Keep going no matter what channel you use. I think I'm going to call chipmunks tiger squirrels now…a much better name! 😁 ❤️

  8. So glad to hear Duke is better;
    Kacha in one of your podcasts you mentioned an app that you use when photographing mirrors, ( like to photoshop the images in the mirror reflection) I rewatched like 3 podcasts looking for it 😂
    Do mind repeating that to me?
    Thanks and God bless 🙂

  9. What is he eating
    Ditch the collar
    And I had a white Sheppard who had such bad seizures would swallow tongue she lived to b 15. It’s gonna be ok
    Valium helps
    And holistic food
    Storms trigger it.

  10. I am happy sweet baby Duke is doing better♡
    Thank you for all the info you gave, I have it all noted in my chalkpaint info book😘
    Give sweet baby Duke loves for me and I will see ya Friday♡

  11. Lots of love to the pooch
    Seizures are manageable with diet change no chemicals pills or collars and. Epilepsy meds I’ve had pets that developed around 3 to 5 years old it will be ok 😀

  12. Hi Kacha! So glad that Duke is better and please don't use those killing collars,they are poison to our babies! I live in an island( lots of creepy crawlers) but I use a solution of 3 parts water w 1 part vinegar and rub them w this, that keeps ticks away. My Italian greyhounds are healthy and bugs free thanks to this.
    Good vibes and tons of healthy thoughts.
    ( Keep this channel for your tutorials, yes!)

  13. I have recently started watching your show and I love it, you are such a good soul I know some people might say how can you tell in a video. Well I can’t explain it but I can tell, love your painting and vlogs. Good luck on your channel growing.

  14. As far as creating a new channel for your podcasts .. Look, your earnings from YouTube are important both to you and to us. We know those earnings help pay for the cost of creating your videos, the furniture & paints you use and your time. You're entitled to all that! You work so hard to earn it. So I would say.. do whatever will increase your earnings & make you most comfortable. If you try splitting your channel into 2 channels and it doesn't work.. you can always re-combine them again. Either way I'll follow you on both.

  15. Duksey.. what a cute nickname for him! He's always been Dukester for me but that fits him even better. I had a German Shepard, Kaiser, who couldn't tolerate any type of collar. Collars were a trigger for his seizures. He also had epilepsy. The drugs made Kaiser really tired also. It's terrifying & heartbreaking to watch your furry loved one have a seizure. Katarina, you not only show us how to use chalk paint on furniture but you've opened your world to us.. and we love what we've seen. We DO care about you & your family. You feel like family to us. It's a very special talent to be able to make your viewers feel like you're family.
    Edited to mention: We had Kaiser until he was 14 and didn't lose him to the Epilepsy but to a different unrelated health issue.

  16. Yay!!! Duke!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I will keep him in prayer. Thank you for being so transparent with us. I have a Question: I love the Modern Masters Glass Bead Gel but there prices online is too much for me. Do you have any other recommendations of a substitute? Thanks Kacha! 😉❤️❤️

  17. Kasha, the flea and tick collars almost killed one of my pets. We had to take her to the vet in the middle of an ice storm because she was cold to the touch and unresponsive. The vet saved her and told us the collar was too strong and had poisoned her. The box specifically stated the weight etc, and it was the correct one for her when we purchased it. We now have our yard sprayed for bugs and I’ve not put anything on my girl since and we’ve had no fleas or ticks.

  18. Our cat stopped having seizures (rolling down the stairs, after that being extremely hungry) after we stopped vaccination. My mom decided now that he is 12 years old, not to have vaccines anymore since he was getting slow and did not want to go outside so often anymore plus it was quite costly. Now he is a different cat, vital and purry again! BTW love your work, great inspiration to me, love and hugs🙋🏼‍♀️

  19. I have been using Koh for cleaning, it’s cleans everything and no chemical. I live in England not sure it’s available on USA, but I love it. Poor Duke hope he improves quickly x

  20. No, they are not always safe. The makers know that there is a certain amount of dogs that will get very sick and a certain amount of dogs who will die, and they consider it acceptable. Whereas we the guardians of these angels do not consider it acceptable.
    KACHA, you need to file a lawsuit against the company, they already expect that people with dogs who suffer probably will sue them. Cost of doing business for them.
    They should pay all your vet bills and whatever else your attorney says they should pay.

    For cleaning I use hydrogen peroxide with a half teaspoon of Dawn in it, in a spray bottle. I rescue animals and need good cleaners that are safe so I created this cleaner. Works really great and is non toxic.

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