Dirty pour, Kalena flows again! Terracotta Pot Acrylic Pour with heat and silicone

With a mix of approximately 1:1 paint and pva, then thin to the consistency of honey using floetrol added gradually. A small spray of silicone mixed in prior to …


  1. Was just wondering if you could use styrofoam sheets under a canvas so you could capture the paint coming off the pot. You’d have to play around with thickness of the foam I think.

    The flat sheets would distribute the weight of the pot and if they’re thick enough that would give you clearance from your work table.

    Hmmm….what to do with the empty spot on the canvas after you moved the pot aside? Maybe saving a bit of paint to pour in the center could work.

    And I’m also thinking you’d probably still have enough paint dripping off a canvas that you’d still have skin for jewelry making.

    I also saw someone make coasters with the drips from her canvas. She used resin to coat the pieces. Looked nifty. I got to thinking about doing a vase, coasters and a canvas or….

  2. I’ve been enjoying learning from you, but I just had to give this video a thumb’s down. Why? Because the first 6 minutes we just watched you mixing paint. It’s so much nicer when everything is ready to go, including the silicone.

    Then it’s just a few moments to share names and makers of the paints and your mixture ratios.

    I think you’re spot on saying a top shot would be nice; it’s also interesting to see the paint going into a clear cup.

    It’s always fascinating to see the actual pouring and the colors dancing around. Colors came and went as gravity worked on the paint. Thanks for the funky color combination. It’s like magic to see what happens.

    PS. I hope you don’t have to wear that brace too much longer.

  3. Kalena….love the music, and of course your work. Seems like a bit of wasted of paint though. What if… after pouring your terra-cotta pot, give a minute then transfer to another location to dry. Slowly spin turntable, gradually increasing speed til extra paint spins into another piece of art work. I'm certainly no expert, but it seems like you might kill two birds with one stone. Good luck

  4. Such a beautiful piece! I've been working with clay pots for various craft pieces. Painting them with either spray paint or acrylic using a brush. I have soooo wanted to pour paint because it's so beautiful. I don't have the confidence to advance to this but working on it. Then there is the cost of the silicone, floetrol, etc. Not easy when on a fixed income. I think if I view some more of your videos I just might work up the nerve to try. Keep these videos coming! You do such a wonderful job!

  5. Sorry, accidentally posted before I finished. What are you preparing the terracotta with before you pour? Sometime back I painted one (with a brush) and the paint peeled over time. Thanks for sharing. I loved your written comments and perseverance with hard to open pots. Cheers Marie ‘downunder ‘

  6. as you spin it around i can see rows of people. very impressive. i wonder if you could use the excess paint if you did this over another canvas and manipulated the paint after removing the pot to a drying position…………if you have tried this, did it work???? curious much. thanks for sharing, I would like to try this myself if i can organise myself a spinny table-top thingee 🙂

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