1. Although Prop 207 passed..Dr’s offices like Dr.Reeferalz is an office that for me is still mandatory. Dr.Reeferalz has helped so many people with very serious medical issues and without them and their Dr’s there would be still many very sick people whom would have to endure pharmaceutical medications which are harmful and can not help like Cannabis does so greatly..Taryn made some extremely valuable reasons why people still need to see a Dr for treatment of numerous medical conditions. Thank you Dr.Reeferalz for your service to those in need of Cannabis to help us in need of comfort from some very insidious diseases that no Western medicine has even come close to helping… Thank you for your continued services…

  2. As a medical user, I voted against this. Just like other states, prices will go up, quality will go down, and big corporations will buy up every small dispensary there is.

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