1. Thank you for this timely video.

    As an IMG who’s applying for FY program in the UK, I’ve experienced some low mood episodes in the course of my application due to no being able to meet certain requirements. Thank God I was able to recognise the onset of anhedonia accompanied by irregular appetite and sleep patterns.
    I reached out to my family and a few trusted friends, but above all, the Joy of the Lord filled me each I prayed and/or read the holy scriptures.
    I’m happy I did and now I feel more elevated

  2. GREAT TOPIC! The incidence of depression in our medical community is also a concern and we need to normalize it so that people feel like they can get the help they need.

  3. Hello Doctor Nosa, I am a second year medical student in the University of Botswana and I would like to appreciate you you such an inspiration to me 😍😍😍😍 and I would really appreciate it if you become my mentor 😍

  4. Nice video… Alot of events around us presently can cause depression. Doctors are not left out of people that are depressed, for example unfavourable working condition, especially in developing countries… The video is helpful.

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