1. gonna have to disagree with you on this one 😂mainly bc i live in a very small poor town and every cart around here is fake and bud is pricey ASLLLLL. i put my friends on to delta 8 and most of them have made the switch mainly bc delta 9 in any form is so expensive around here or counterfeit 😭great video man

  2. Hey bro, it costs 6 bucks to make a quality delta 8 cart. 10 bucks doesn't mean it's bad, i sell mine for 20 and wholesale for 14 but if someone is trying to make loot fast 10 bucks is doable. I could do it but I don't. It's not worth my time. But you can get ozs of delta 8 distillate for 100 bucks and liters for like 1700

  3. I'm stuck on Arete's products! Once d9 legal where I live I will partake, but until then….. D8 ftw! But I will say that if I'm suffering from any pain severe or mild d8 takes that away for me. With d9, I never noticed the pain killing aspect because the "high" was so intense mentally so it was overshadowed. Also, where I live here in the US, unless you are living in a bigger city then the chances of you having to go on probation with random drug tests or jail for just possession of pot if caught are extremely likely. So until d9 is legal I choose to avoid it.

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