Decongestion of CBD starts after commuter rail system launch . Story by linda koskei

Decongestion of CBD starts after commuter rail system launch . Story by linda koskei.


  1. The future of Nairobi city is only by expanding it's borders so that services can be decentralized and distributed out in the suburb towns. People will follow services and offer employment out there. Roads create opportunities and thus employment nearly immediately after they are set up. Besides railway, roads do wonders. The borders of Nairobi should reach isinya, kyumvi, kisamis, saikeri, ndeiya, gitaru, redhill, banana, Kist, kamiti, tatu city, ruiru, juja , tala, mitaboni , mua hills. This area if roads are done well including the small feeder roads can move this country to a top tier economy employing all our youths in self employment, and associated employment so quickly. This area measuring approximately 300,000 hectares is what kenya needs to be different within a short time. Mombasa should follow suit. It's roads that make a great difference since they are door to door. This should expand our city to about 3000 km square from our current 700km square. Note that a city like Khartoum is 22,000 km square about 31 times the size of Nairobi currently, a city like Kinshasa in congo is 9,900km square about 14 times the current size of Nairobi. We must also expand our city commensurate with population growth as a matter of policy. Cities offer employment. Kenyans should stop joking around.

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