Debate over legalizing recreational marijuana

Attorney General Tom Horne and State Rep. Ruben Gallego sit down with ABC15 to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona.


  1. "Second most common substance found in the blood after alcohol for serious accidents." AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This dumbass completely forgot that marijuana stays in your system much longer than alcohol as it's fat-soluble and remains in your fat so of course it's gonna show up on a blood test. Fuckin idiot.

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  3. make food illegal, because people are eating too much of it, and as a result are becoming obese….. or is it just a cause of our own irresponsible actions over this beautiful thing we cannot live without…. something to ponder on

  4. Mr. Horn believes that people should be able to drink alcohol in their free time, but that employers should have the choice to test for Cannabis and refuse work to those citizens.  That's logical.  Especially considering the fact that alcohol kills 100,000 people a year, and Cannabis kills zero.

  5. the issue isn't illegal or legal, because unfortunately people will still find a way to get to marijuana, the problem is that people have no sense of control and are addicted to marijuana (if it is illegal and people still are taking risks in obtaining it then it is addictive) at best people are highly dependent on it, and this will get worst with future "non-judgemental" generations, honestly it may be best to legalize it and hope that weed head druggies rot in their own homes.

  6. How many serious fatal accidents contained the second most commom substance, marijuana, in their blood also contained the number 1 most common substance, alcohol, in their blood? Alcohol is the Killer! Show me the facts of your facts!

    Look at the time and money spent in researching alcoholic deaths but putting little or no time and money to research Marijuana! They put their money into death, researching fatalities instead of a drug that has killed nobody ever.

  7. Did he just say that Alcohol is the most common drug in the blood for serious accidents when he said, "Marijuana is the second most common substance in the blood after alcohol for serious accidents" then WHY IS ALCOHOL LEGAL?

  8. And the bald guy brought up a situation that happened. Like the kid eating a weed brownie. This happened while weed was illegal.  Unfortunately, that situation was gonna happen whether weed was illegal or legal.  That comes from irresponsible parenting.  They kill me with that when they try to push their point as to why weed should stay illegal.

    "weed should stay illegal because some dumb ass parent videotaped their kid smoking weed".

  9. You have these people who keep saying  "I don't think it should be legalized." Do they realize whether legal or illegal, we're still going to smoke it? Why, because we could care less about marijuana prohibition. We should be free to do what we want.    It shows you the brain washing mentality the govt has over a lot of people, They drilled the whole "reefer madness" thing into a lot of American's brains. So much that  they would want to see someone punished for doing something THEY choose to do in their own spare time, like smoke weed. Because The govt and 1980 D.A.R.E. programs told them that weed was bad since childhood.  It is nobody's business who smokes weed, not even the govt's.  People should learn to mind their own business. We no longer live in the era where they put scarlett letters on people for being immoral.  So nobody should have a scarlett just because they choose to smoke.  That scarlett letter being a charge on their record.

  10. I like how the bald guy said that more people will smoke weed and that when they do they'll be lazy and won't have a future, that's why it should be illegal, that way we can give them a criminal record, make them unemployable, and preemptively destroy their future before they risk it themselves.

  11. Mr. Horn makes the statement that it's the "second most common substance in the blood after alcohol for serious accidents."

    While this may be true, it states nothing on the effect of Cannabis on driving.  Ask him to show numbers on fatal accidents where Cannabis was the only substance in the blood.  He won't be able to.  

    Some people, unfortunately, get drunk, then smoke weed, and decide it's a good idea to jump into a 2,000 pound piece of metal and travel at 50-100 mph with impaired vision and reaction time.  Those people probably also usually have water in their systems as well, though the water didn't contribute to the accident.

    Then he states that Cannabis leads to crime.  Wow.

  12. i didn't start smoking daily until around sophomore year of high school, before then i got c's and d's in the majority of my classes, once i started smoking daily, i started acing my classes, in fact senior year was the first time i got honor roll and that year was when i smoked in the morning, at lunch, and right after school

  13. I don't follow his math. Roughly 40% of prisoners are in jail for non-violent drug offensives and around 25% of that is for marijuana. How is crime going to go up if you eliminate the crime causing all the problems?  Furthermore how is allowing people to take care of themselves in a more healthy natural way going to negatively affect them at work? You mean getting a good nights sleep and showing up to work rejuvenated is a bad thing? If you go-to work high and don't do your job…. News Flash you will get fired. But I'm not sugar coating this, there are people who work very well while high and anyone who thoroughly looks at the entertainment business can see that. If you don't do the job or you suck at it then you're going to get fired. Being high may or may not affect that, depending on the individual. It depends entirely on the person, you can od on alcohol but you can not od on weed. There is a limit to how high you can actually get and that limit decreases with ever time you intake the plant. I currently run 5 miles a day, have a website management job, and still have enough time to steal rank 1 on the ladder for Assassins Creed 4 while being high. It be childish to say that it effects everyone in the same way but ignorant to assume people can't handle there shit while on it. It boils down to you knowing what's best for you and being responsible with what you intake. If you can't be responsible then no law is going to save you from being a loser!

  14. the hell they talking about "Kids gonna get it" Kids already get it… Thank god. I can not handle kids that do not get it. They drive me crazy. But pot head kids… they are just fine. Do not bug me at all. And some of the smartest kids I know are stoners.

  15. This old guy doesn't know a damn thing…
    A: You drive much better slightly high then you do sober. And if they try and regulate driving "under the influence" then guess what? Weed is still illegal if you ever want to drive..
    B: You can't overdose on weed, like previous comments

    The weed advocate can't debate AT ALL.. And in the other corner you got this beady eye drunken Passion flower spewing out verbal shit that stuck to the wall while the weed advocate was pressed up against the wall smearing his shit to look pretty… The guy from AMTV, should start talking shit to all the old fucks who simply just need to die so their ego can dissipate into the cloud of nothingness. You can't take your ego with you when you DIE 😉

  16. the man against legalization is fearful. Scientific/financial data is more powerful than his fears/misconceptions. I rally questioned his thoughts on crime going up/. Wheres the logic in that? People would not be arrested for possession/growing/trafficking … ergo less crime.

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