1. Is this guy a fucken idiot or what period do you think just because marijuana became recreational it's the beginning of people getting high and driving on the highway. Man I swear when you think people are stupid you really just don't know

  2. Alcohol is a food. And it's detrimental to the human body. I started out on Colt 45. Pot made me laugh a lot and made the music sound better. If pot makes you feel this good then what about bennies, reds and LSD? No. Get rid of all drugs. People need jobs and socialization. Drugs are alienation.

  3. These guys cant ever change, they drank the koolaid a long time ago. If this guy admitted that marijuana wasn't that dangerous, he'd have to live with true facts of all the people that he locked in a cage for years upon years, taken away from their families, become unemployable with a record on his conscience. It's far more dangerous to your health and future to be caught with it, how many people that have been locked up for marijuana were victimized in jails and prisons? He'll never admit it, it be like admitting your religion is nothing but a fraud too.

  4. Weed should be 100% legal. These doddering old fucks had their time at bat and they spent it chasing potheads. Today our country is inundated with all sorts of drugs and these geezers are enjoying their fat ass pensions and slapping themselves on the back. Fuck off gramps, we’ve had enough of your bullshit.

  5. Marijuana and alcohol are not new inventions. They came as a package deal it is natural. driving cars and flying planes however are new inventions combining them both may be a little tricky. If they started drug testing government officials and all federal agencies and municipalities workers everyday before work you will would see where all the drugs are gone.

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