Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana!

To call what the Hyde family has been through a “parent’s worst nightmare” sounds like a horrible cliche. But, it’s hard to imagine what else you could call it.


  1. Stay away from doctors because they are obviously guessing and you're dying in the meantime. America/ the World needs to fight this BS ban on cannabis because it does work. Screw the corrupt people wanting your money!!!!!!

  2. @TTronicM You'd make more on marijuana BEING legal than any amount of drug busts…so that's obviously not why they do it. It's big pharmaceutical companies that are the enemy.

  3. And this herb is a schedule 1 illegal drug? I would be willing to bet that the THC oil had more affect then just curing the nausea. I will be sure to share this.

  4. "RICK SIMPSON is the leading patient scientist to have explored the use of Cannabis extracts to treat Cancers. It was because of his pioneering work & anecdotal reports from patient scientists from all over the world that Cannabis Science has been working with & educating patients."
    Dr. Melamede, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs / Pres. & CEO, Cannabis Science / Program Administrator, Phoenix Tears Foundation

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