Curaleaf CEO Boris Jordan on Cannabis Legalization & Elections Outcome

Curaleaf CEO Boris Jordan on Cannabis Legalization & 2020 Elections Please Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. I only buy from curaleaf they're the cheapest in NJ I used to buy at breakwater but once they started their BLM crap I boycotted them I don't want any of my hard earned money going to terrorist trying to destroy our great country

  2. Local Organic Craft Farms Quality over Quantity. These bigg producers are scared of the small farm coming up. sb350 or Bust in PA one producer can only supply so much. No one that blazes wants to by the Marlboro of cannibus. Decrimalization is the only way.Social justice for us the ones who have lost years of our lives over being prosecuted for a herb the same thing these rich investors are doing and making millions and with no threat of a felony charge but us poor people would go to jail. It's not fair and wrong that these companys can break fed law and get rich and we have to stay in poverty hands bound. Thats modern day slavery. Its not color or politics its Rich controling Poor and not giving them a pathway out. Its suppression so many lives are ruined for people because of this failed drug war and it lives on today. Because the slavemasters that can pay people like mitch to shoot down and reform bill. While they rake in MILLIONS breaking the same law we are trying to reform. Private prisons sucking tax payers dry familys ruined kids without parents. What about them what about us.They scare the police and tell them they will lose there job if its legal. No the wont the rules qill just be different there will be plenty for them to do. And all the money coming in can help there depts out. Its a win win for everyone except the 1 percent that will lose wealth and control they shoud all be locked up anyway.

  3. some cannabis and a potluck Democrats and Republicans could get along we need to find common ground and not destroy this great country if we don't it will get bad that's not good for any one (Arizona Cannabis Republican)

  4. Here's what bothers me. All the haters are people who didn't invest in these big companies. I purchased Curaleaf pre-ipo at 25 cents a share, and I did it when nobody was invested in this company. It's not too late to invest in these big msos, the price is still good. Curaleaf shares will be trading around $60 a year from now.

  5. Screw the market. There's people in Alabama who's lives are destroyed because of the theses dam laws. For just having a stupid pipe they smoke it out of. And your going set there say probably not best time for the "more act" because of the market. Dude really

  6. its crazy selfish to me that these cannabis industry people don't want it federally legal. Like fuck the hundreds of thousands imprisoned for it, fuck the military vets and other federal workers that can't partake or they'll lose everything, fuck what the people want. Its all about money for them too, they're no better than politicians. Also I don't understand how federal legalization would hurt the little businesses. alcohol is federally legal and there are small family owned liquor stores everywhere. people will always support their local mom and pop stores regardless of what name brand businesses are around. Maybe im uneducated to the economical side of it but thats just how I see it

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