Crohn's Cured by Cannabis oil

After battling this illness everday for over the past 6 years ive finally found something where i can live pain free and symptom free without any harmful side …


  1. I have been off antibiotics/prescription pain killers for almost 2 years now. Whenever I get a flare-up I usually smoke a lot of Indica or eat edibles. Instantly gets rid of my abdominal pain, nausea, and increases my appetite.I've been dying to get a hold of cannabis oil.. Get a hold of it people.. it'll cure your IBS ~

  2. If this is what helps why not I am a little older which makes me probably not so talkative about me when I was 18. But the thing is and you will recognize as crohns sufferer you are a little bit different than the normal cannabis users. Don't forget this and keep in mind getting off from cannabis might be a challenge but its possible getting off crohns is a not possible so be wise and choose the right treatment for you. Because later on the normal cannabis users will maybe leave you alone because they have a live to go back to.

  3. The Cannabinoid Oil resets all systems in the body and that does the trick, so it does not matter which Illness you might have as No illness can live in healthy body,
    Though you may adjust to some strains for your particular condition, will the fact remain that the Cannabinoids always seek towards equilibrium, to bring balance to the whole.   Thanks Dear Brother for your sharing, you made life changing decision taking that Oil of Life and you showed you can have fun doing the Leaf of Life at the same time 😀       
    – OneLove –  JBB

  4. What type of ''Hemp oil'' you using Indica or Sativa for your Crohns Disease ? my daughter has all the symptoms for Crohns & has been ill for the last 10 weeks, bad stomach cramps swelling of the legs with bruising spots all over, lost over a stone in weight, cant hold food down,& feels like shit, the Doctors are saying they thinks its Crohns ,

    Thanks for the vid good luck from the UK.


  5. I am 27 i have very sever ibs, the pain i have is horrible and im still going threw testing, when i started cannabis tincture, my pain in minimized, most times the pain is gone within about 2-10 minutes of tincture under the tongue. i was on a pill called bentle horrible side effects. i was wondering about them pills you take have you ever had a bad trip with them ?

  6. There are numerous ways to use this pot in a treatment.I rid my body of arthritis and fibromyalgia with a five day treatment of cannabis tea mixed with hemp sead oil two years ago and haven't done it since.Can you imagin how much out of pocket expense i have saved in two years already.I never did care for smoking pot because i never finished anything when i did smoke it,but that is me and not everyone goes through this like i did.

  7. All of us have been lied to for so long we think it is the truth.Parents who never questioned authority never will see a real cure for anything.If i were a sheep herder i could lead the biggest part of the populas off a cliff and no one would now the difference.Cannabis oil ingested cures cancer in 85% of cancer patients unlike 2% with means that you have to use in US hospitals.

  8. With everyones help we can get others educated on what marijuana can really do.A year ago i had friends of mine record ricks work on dvd-r's for me and gave them to complete strangers.First i asked them if they thought there might be a cure for cancer and we weren't being told about it and everyone of them said yes.The ingestion of the oil is the best way to go with this or to use it topically.It's not going to cure everything but it will give us a better quality of life.

  9. OH MY GOD, i need it, im suffering a lot with crohn's disease, im from brazil…. this depoiment should be showed to the world….
    After battling this illness everday for over the past 6 years ive finally found something where i can live pain free and symptom free without any harmful side effects

  10. Try the vape , I have a SSV and once I learned how little it actually takes I was just amazed . And even without going for large milky vape hits ( although those r cool) I sometimes barley see any hit but I know I got what I was looking for understand. Best 4 my lungs . Wish u well !!

  11. Shona Banda is an inspiration to me also. Have you seen the vid Leaf by cbd600? It's about juicing the raw Cannabis leaves, which repairs and restores every cell of your body.. I have fibromyalgia, and or course the IBS that goes with it, and I've been wondering how juicing would work out for someone with gastro problems. So far still waiting for the opportunity to find out. I'd still smoke and vape, tho, cos that's good for stress and PTS. Peace pot and prayers.

  12. hey man, I have crohns too and I started taking the oil 110 days ago & havent had much luck because the dispensary/"compassion" club that was supplying me with the tears wasnt make them properly. day 76 i was taking the true rick simpson oil. after speaking to Shona on the phone she informed that my vape was not the rght one which is why i also wasnt having consistent progress. Can you please email or message me back. Im about to be starting the vape way again 🙂

  13. Who says this is incurable? Aren't you just parroting a medical system that can't cure anything anyway, and even makes the word unlawful? I mean you go around youtube vids telling people there is no hope, as if you are some sort of expert, yet I can see you have no understanding genetics and cellular regeneration. Why don't you just do something else with your time?

  14. i hate having crohn's and i hate taking pills that harm the rest of my body (methotrexate causes lever damage!). I SAY FUCK PILLS. now i practice yoga postures that improve digestion, i've changed my eating habits to organic and incorporated hemp oil and fish oil in my diet and i feel GREAT! i love science but we haven't made anything better than nature. well nothing the general public knows about…

  15. Respond to this video… Hemp oil cures cancer and any other illness, Check out "Run from the cure" its a documentary and it shows you how to make your own so you can cure yourself. goodluck

  16. shit man, I was diagnosed with colitis age 5 then crohn's age 14 and now i'm 16 and started smoking pot for recreational purposes, but then i discovered it actually makes a huge difference on the intestinal tract

  17. If only I lived in the US or Canada where weed laws are gettin more relaxed, i've had crohns problems for five or six years and i've had to medicate illegally (I live in the UK) but there is no doubt in my mind that it helps. Good luck man, glad to hear it's helping other people too. No way for me to get the oil unfortunately, i just have to make do with whatever I can get my hands on. How much better is it than just smoking joints?

  18. Cannabis oil is truly a miracle treatment, and I encourage anybody to use Shona Banda's technique for oil production if they have a disease. Her technique requires less than an eighth of cannabis at a time, and the extraction occurs completely inside an orb vaporizer. If you do this you will have fantastic results! Search Shona Banda on Google or YouTube to find out about her book Live Free or Die and learn the technique.

  19. gd luck dude,im on 6mp cutting down from 70mg to 50mg i smoke about a gram a day i kno it aint enough but im a poor stoner but fuk it im growin my own 1month left and im gonna start using the vape and scrape method. are u off meds completely???

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