Craig Needles discusses cannabis legalization with Jodie Emery

Craig Needles speaks to Jodie Emery about Canada’s proposed legalization. Global 980 CFP’s Craig Needles gets to the point about cannabis legalization, …


  1. Right on point Jodie…The trick is TAX STAMPS…1 and 7 grammers, with dates on them, only sellers get, and can be up to 28 grams…All cdns can grow with 1 light, need a push to licence 2 light max to give some form of work for minorities…They take 2 seller, seller passes tests, and offers price! Jobs economy and only kids with med scrip/with parent consent can purchase…DWH is garbage!!!NTSB states"driving drunk, you dont know you're drunk, therefore a danger,Driving on pot, you know you are high, so slow down, and are safer!!!!" FACT>>>

  2. I'm here doing research for my "Free-the-Weed" PhD dissertation, to be subtitled, "designed for behavioral modification, using verifiable transactional identities in a global pseudo-blockchain, a human auditable self-aware AI studies drug users who pay for full service versus those who are given a dispensary lock option." 420 Electronic Monitoring Trials start in late 2019.

  3. The Government model will fail until they allow the Free Market to incorporate with them. No one asked Government to become drug dealers and the misinformation out there that Canadians believe is scary. Government takeover of a peaceful Canadian industry and its all about the money folks and thats it……the new criminalized legalization sucks……..

  4. Plenty of unchecked hubris to go around on Parliament Hill.

    For example, using the term "stakeholder" in order to give a process a semblence of fairness, and then lending their ears to corporate interests only…Fools no one.

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