Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest

Recently nominated for a Grammy, “JUST BEING HONEST covers “the deeply meaningless to the profoundly meaningful”-the pros and cons of catch phrases, …


  1. Yeah , Craig is missing The USA in nuclear Civil War . Sherman's Army Base Arkansas and his Screwed country got Societal issues . I guess there is worse fates than US Army Base being used for Signal Smoke . Ain't it . Could be Worse .
    Not to be like Them ❤️ amen

  2. The movie twister was great thank you very much the action the cinematography I mean and I love the two main characters is a great movie I’ve seen it I watch it over and over again every once in a while I watch it again and again so they are Craig raspberry

  3. You visited DC in the late 2000s, My late husband and I went to your show. Felt bad ever since. You're brilliant, but I made a comment that I didn't think you'd hear but you did. You commented "That was a rhetorical question". I wasn't trying to heckle you. I just got caught up in the moment. I know you probably won't see this, but I have to try and apologize.

  4. I have watched a help of a lot of comedians especially since the lockdown started, and I say: hands down Craig is one of The. Best. So natural, so funny, and so willing to skewer the idols of America. He's a unique voice. It was a great day for America the day he got here.

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