COP TALK – What are Your Thoughts on CBD Oil?

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  1. You guys really need to do your homework before you make a video. You obviously are not informed about CBD, it’s origins and contents. I’ve worked as a police department Narcotics Unit Commander for years and your coverage of this subject matter are ill-informed. Far too much for me to go into on this thread. The best I can do is to advise you to do some research.

  2. Come on guys at least try to educate yourself before doing a forum like this. There are people who will here this and take your word as gospel. The problem is you are so wrong about this it makes me wonder what else you have put out. I know it might not seem like much but you lost a subscriber over this.

  3. There is just not enough true reliable data from years of clinical studies to reference. I know people that started smoking pot, and develop cancer…was it related to the pot? no idea as there has been ZERO studies…I also know the lady that was busted at disney world for just being in possession of what was supposed to be a zero content thc bottle of CBD. I know this family and have all my life…they are great upstanding people and while the bottle said 0.0 MG of THC, it did test positive for the substance found in pot…I will focus on pot for now…if you are driving a vehicle under the influence of pot, you should be charged with that crime as it does effect your driving abilities. CBD has so little thc in it, it should be a non issue but then why was a bottle labeled no thc test positive for the drug? why does the state and federal government get involved in products if above board will not even get you high? I am split on this issue, for the longest time, I too believed the surgeon generals directive that pot in any form has no medicinal value but now there are too many questions, not enough answers…

  4. President Trump's signed into law .3% thc or below HEMP is legal. It cannot get you high period it's non psychoactive. It would be like saying you can catch a DUI from O'Douls beer.

  5. They were already doing studies back in the olden days and they want MORE??? How many studies do they need??? We've studied just about everything already on this planet and we have yet to continue studying marijuana??? The government knows that marijuana is not as bad as alcohol. They are just in Big Pharma's pockets. Big Pharma doesn't want marijuana legalized, because then it would cut into their profits big time (or even small time). Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I call it how I see it. And no, I haven't had marijuana. But with the benefits there are, I can't wait to have some.

  6. I think you should look at it like this. Alcohol is perfectly legal in all states and there's no law in place that prevents someone that drinks from owning a firearm. The same goes for prescription medication. As long as someone isn't getting drunk or basically getting coked out on their meds before going to range/hunting/etc. Then there is no problem. When it comes to cannabis, it should be the same. As long as someone isn't getting high before going to the range/hunting/etc. Then why does it matter if that person likes to smoke a joint in their down time? Common sense people.

  7. I have smoked plenty of marijuana.. CBD does not get you high.. will not get you high and is derrived from the Hemp plant.. not the marijuana plant.. come on guys.. it it for medical use of joint pain, seizures, ect ect.. No one who enjoys the high from marijuana has switched to CBD.. the oil is a high concentration of CBD which you cannot get from just smoking pot.. I have had my knees replaced and it makes me never have pain in them any more.. used to eat aleve like candy..

  8. People need to get EDUCATED. There is absolutely no system set in place to stop Medical marijuana users from owning a Firearm. Absolutely nothing wrong with Cannabis. Thanks for sharing!

  9. If the THC 0.03% in CBD oil, topicals, pills I think you should check no on the form. Trust me marijuana is going to become legal federally, why? One word….. tax. Trust me lobbyists and politicians are gonna love the money they get

  10. I work for a drug testing company. CBD oil contains cannabinoids but, there are up to 60 cannabinoids in marijuana with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the primary psychoactive constituent. It someone fails an instant drug test for THC a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer will show it as negative because it is not the same compound.

  11. CBD does not "have THC in it" CBD is a chemical compound. THC is a chemical compound. They are not mutually inclusive. CBD oil CAN have THC in it but not always. Get educated before you pontificate guys.

  12. So the government doesn’t care if teens smoke tobacco and cops see teens smoking all he time in my area but if someone smokes hemp with less then .3 percent THC which is legal everywhere the cops go nuts and have to lab test it. I don’t understand

  13. There are many CBD oils that are THC free. They are tested and shown to have an undetectable amount if any. These tests are testing down to parts per billion if they can't detect it pretty fair to say to not there

  14. I’m a 100% disabled veteran. Shattered femur (3 places) degenerative disc disease/spine/hip/ 2 back surgeries. Chronic pain. I have a medical card. I use CBD and three is no THC side effects. Sharp and alert. The VA should use this in the VA. Fed needs to decriminalize for VA it helps and no opioids

  15. Pot is just a gateway drug to worse, more studies all the time showing it is addictive, causes paranoia and disruptive behavior, lack of drive to work and in general is destroying people's lives. If you need to use this "recreationally " you must have some type of chemical imbalance in your brain.

  16. Here's some cop talk. Why are Leo's concerned about a fuckin plant? It makes people hungry and sleepy period. No legal way to tell how high someone is or isn't. Waste of taxpayer dollars and officers who are enforcing these bs laws

  17. Homer reminds me of that CNN report where they shoot an AR15 in full semi automatic mode. Speak enough jargon to sound confident and reinforce to viewers that there is a right and wrong that they should subscribe to.

  18. nobody has died from thc, many have died or became mentally unstable on alcohol and prescription drugs and have killed them selves and or others.
    the concept of taking guns away from pot uses or any kind if ridicules when you compare that drug to what prescription drugs and alcohol do to people.

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