Cleansing With Kambo: How Some Are Embracing the Healing Powers of Frog Medicine | HEALING POWERS

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  1. This frog does not have 5meo-dmt. That is the Bufo Alvarius frog. This is the Phyllomedusa Bicolor. No psychedelics. Just making that very clear. Also in the video, Caitlin stated that you drink as much water as possible. This is not true. You would only want to start with 2 liters and then 1 liter during the process if needed to help with the purge. Too much water is quite dangerous. Just to be completely clear, this secretion can help with physical conditions but no claims should be made as it will be different with ever person. Also generally for first time clients, a test point would be done and it would not generally be done on the spine but on the lower leg. One more thing, just to bust these myths, reading the purge is USB, unnecessary spiritual bullshit. There is no way to tell what the color, consistency, or amount means scientifically. Purges have not been tested to determine what might be present. I hope this is helpful for someone seeing this video.

  2. 'Frog' makes it sound weird but our human brains have nndimethyl tryptamine
    Present off the factory floor;)

    5-meo-dmt is the primary hitter in the frog extractions.

    Known to have a stronger body-high and considered 'heavier' by some.

    fascinating mystery.

    Why are certain magical molecules encoded in nature and us🤘🤫🤔🤮😬😀💪

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