1. Wow…. yesterday I brought two vessels, i did all process which mentioned above, only thing I missed that after cooking rice into it, I cleaned it with liquid soap…….that I am not supposed to do….. thanks for tip…..🙏🙏 video comes to me surprisingly..,
    .Google monitoring what I'm trying…😳🧐

  2. The outside oil coating will burn when you put it on flame. I have a pot, i did like this and the smell of burned oil just made me quit using this pot its absolutely horrible. Any tips?

  3. Wish I knew these tricks. I lightly used the soap to wash and then oiled it…I am now soaking with baking soda. Will it get rid of the possible soap in the pores? Should I just boil the water on the pot to get rid of possible soap? I really want to use this but a beginner and already failed on step 1. Thanks.

  4. OK, Do not use steel holders to remove the pot from the flame, but OK to use steel scrubber. Now that makes no sense whatsoever. I can't trust that they know anything about what they are saying.

  5. Soap is used by me for cleaning pot because i dont know this thing. Now how can i clean pot after soapwash for not addultation of soaked soap by pot in my cooking…… plz tell me

  6. Thank u very much for sharing ur tips to us!i really appreciated it coz we are also using clay pot for a vinegar~based cooking with fish or for "paksiw" here in d philippines.

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