Chronic Pain and Medical Cannabis

During the National Chronic pain week 2020, we aim to raise awareness and education about one of the most common health conditions in Australia. With this …

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  1. Another great insight into cbd oil and thc…. as a victim of chronic pain, who took opiates for years, I can truly state that making the switch to Cannabis (Cbd oil) has given me back my life !
    I can now participate in daily life AND activities, without feeling like a zombie, whilst enjoying a pain-free and happier social life. I am no longer vague (or depressed), and even though I still require spinal surgery, this CBD treatment has allowed me the "freedom of movement" and confidence, to drive again, ditch the walking stick and even my pets are happier, seeing Mum pick up the leash is a highlight in our much brighter days. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough, and Dr Ben is worthy of "My Hero" title, after years and tears and fears …… nowadays, it's a "walk in the park" attitude towards my future spinal surgery… thanks everyone, at CDA for your encouragement and informative videos…..staying safe, and smiling, I am one very happy 64yo female with a new found love of life 👍🌈🙏🙏🙏🙏

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