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Learn how to make this one-pot chicken cheese pasta step by step. Hope you end up making it soon. #chickenpasta #cheesepasta #flavouritfancy NEW …


  1. I got a question. I know I'm late😅
    But can I use beef instead of chicken?
    I ran out of chicken and I only have like 10 small cut pieces. Please rply.
    I really want to make this, this looks amazing and easy.
    Somebody help me!

  2. Great recipe, thank you so much. My kids love it. I added the chilli flakes to the oil and then added chicken. Your delicate voice is drowned in the loud music 😊. Kindly bring that to a minimum or don't use it at all. You sound great without music 😃

  3. I found this video and I made the pasta, I loved it! So I made it for my family a couple days later! They all loved it! I made it for a party and everyone was obsessed! This is so good! Everyone love this pasta! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! So tasty!!

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