Checking Out The Mighty Vaporizer

18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For todays episode of Canadian Cannabis we will be checking out one of the best known portable vaporizers called the mighty by …


  1. Had two brilliant vape questionable reliability . The on off switch failed twice same trouble with my friends crafty . If it was more reliable it would be it would be the best vape full stop . As a side note most reliable vape might just be the solo 2 had one 2 years and still going strong .

  2. I have had my mighty for about 4 months and I only use flowers and mostly in dosing caps.
    I loved it until recently when draw resistance go hard.
    Is there anything I can do.
    Text messages to stores and bickel but like everyone else off because of virus.

  3. Good video bud! You perfectly encapsulated what it's like to own one of these,it's the best vape I've ever used! I think the tokes are just as good if not better than even the Volcano.

  4. Nice one 😀
    i enjoyed this device also very much but when it comes to
    durability nothing beats dynavap xD
    but what i really love is the taste you get when your vaping because of this i cant smoke anymore because of the taste


  5. Product is awesome. Guess what I just ordered the juice box. I'm going to go to the nearby smoke shop now and get a rig and parchment paper. I told you I stay smoking out of the regular hand spoon pipe. So this will be a big experience for me I never did dabs before. Now I get to make them myself with the juice box hell yeah thanks friend love you buddy cheers stay safe

  6. I walk home from work 3 miles from the subway and I vape the whole way,and I already smoked a bowl b4 I got on the train and it still lasts for a 3 mile walk,and before i get home ive smoked at least e bowls. I can't believe how many hits I can get from a pinky nail of weed.

  7. I have an arizer air, and it takes a pinky nail of weed,and I can puff on that 100 times before it times out,and I can get 2 rounds per bowl,and I can get 3 bowls per battery. But you'd be hard pressed to load a 3rd bowl you'll be so incapacitated. Vaping is economic, and a powerful smoke.

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