1. My grandma has MS since many years. I think it's not the worth form because she was able to live with that for such a long time. She can barely walk know and got used to live with pain for a long time too because doctors proposed horrible medication against pains with a lot of side effects. I bought her cbd oil (15%cbd). She sleeps better at nights and it seems to release her pains a little. I don't know if it works for e erybody with every form of MS but you should really try it.

  2. The CUPID research trial began in 2006 and involved 493 people with secondary and primary progressive MS at centres around the UK. The MS Trust funded the cost of the MRI scans. The study investigated whether dronabinol (a chemically synthesised form of THC) might have a role in protecting the brain from damage by MS, a concept called neuroprotection. The results of the study were published in 2013. It found that there was no difference between participants who took the cannabis based medicine and those on placebo, with the treatment having no overall effect on the rate of progression.🤔🤔

  3. Hello, How is the CBD Oil working for you now? I just recently received the approval to take CBD Oil and I am excited to see the results. I have MS and have lated struggled with pain in my back and legs and even my foot. I have alo experience hair loss and fatigue to name a few. Your PSA have given my confirmation to start taking the CBD Oil and I thank you for the video and I pray that we can do some awareness collaboration etc. Oh btw I think your style is beautiful.

  4. Gurl, U are Beautiful either way!! I refuse med"s from the doc"s All the time. I use CBD buds (smoke) and the gel caps, too. Cannabis AND CBD are wonderful. Tommy Chong had prostate and rectal cancer, he used on CBD and Cannabis, and now he is cancer free. Ayurvedic and all natural for this ol" M.S. gal. Peace and Blessing"s to you…..

  5. 🌱 📝 7 things to consider when buying CBD oil:
    1.) – Be sure you are using a quality product. Read the labels for additives, chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that dilute and destroy the product. Check lab results, COA's (Certificate of Authorizations), mold + toxicity reports, gas and chromatography reports, etc.
    2.) – Check extraction method – CO2 is best. Ethanol tends to leave behind solvents and residue in the oil. Check the source of the farm. Not all are compliant.
    3.) – Check reviews! Some people get sick from taking a crappy CBD, others have phenomenal results- again quality matters. Check the return policy, not all CBD oil companies will refund you if you have a poor experience.
    4.) – Serving suggestion varies based on the individual person. Some need 15mg a day and others need 30mg. Synthetic CBD requires a higher amount, (50mg / day) natural is typically lower. (20mg – 30mg)
    5.) – Don’t be sold by marketing terms such as nanotechnology, liposomal, bioavailability etc – there is zero science backing this regarding CBD.
    6.)- Full spectrum will likely give better results (the therapeutic range is much wider) VS a CBD only product but if you’re worried about drug testing then get a CBD only product as the THC in the full spectrum can show up on a drug test.
    7.) – The only brand I know that meets these requirements is HempWorx.

  6. I have severe ms and am in a wheelchair. The pharmacy at my docs office sells it. MSRX 404-856-4810, Nancy or Daphanie. As soon as I'm able to start, I'll post my results.

  7. My teenage daughter has extreme pain every month because of fibroids, we have been given her the CBD oil because I just don’t wanna put her on birth control, this has worked wonders for her, there’s a lot a good brand out there and everybody should do their due diligence to find what works best for them. I found this one and it has worked tremendously for her they also have products for dogs and cats .very high-quality products with complete third-party laboratory testing, so you for sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for and it’s made in Kentucky and overseen by the universities in an FDA approved lab http://www.hempworx.com/clintjames

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