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Pellequr spa in Beverly Hills, California, offers full-body scrubs and facials. One of its most popular treatments is the traditional Korean scrub, which includes a …


  1. Lymphatic drainage? Bullshit!! 😂It's just the proper way to get rid of dead skin so to clean yourself. The rest is just marketing to get you to pay 200$. Guys if you are interested you can do it by yourself for cheap in a true hamam (not a spa) if you have one around you or in your bathroom with hot water and a lot of steam. You will find the glove and black soap on Amazon for so much cheaper.

  2. It's not from Korea or Marroco. Yes we do it in Maghreb since centuries but hamam it's not from Marroco. The origin of Hamam is Turkish. Hamam was imported in North Africa during and under Ottoman Empire.

  3. In North Africa, it's in every bathroom and you can pay someone to do it in the hamman. It's best to do it when the skin is damp and not wet. I ignored that Korea had it as well but NO Hollywood did not popularize it.

  4. i get the korean italy towels from amazon for under $10, but i guess you’re paying for the experience 🤷🏾‍♀️ not judging, it’s nice to pamper yourself

  5. Idk why this procedure trended in America. Like I've always to this when I shower but we don't use those kind of scrubs, we prefer to use smooth hard rocks lol 😂 Only asians will relate.

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