CBD and me! and you!

Go to to get your free bottle of The Daily Buzz gummies today! Howdy friends! If you’ve ever been curious about trying CBD, …


  1. Just got my bottle in the mail y’all it’s legit! Autumn’s right, the taste really isn’t bad at all. (Although I’d say that for me, there’s a bit of a bitter aftertaste w the gummies. Not a dealbreaker though.)
    I’ve been stressed tf out with the upcoming election… nevertheless, I’ve been getting some of the best sleep of my life w these gummies. Seriously. Thanks for spreading the word autumn!! Great sponsor

  2. Just got my bottle yesterday from your promo.

    Can confirm they smell, and taste, amazing. Like, my god, I want to snack on them.

    That aside, thank you for showing these off! 2 days in and already feeling good. <3

  3. On your recommendation I ordered some from five. Never used anything like this before but I have suffered from anxiety since I was 5 and was on anti-anxiety meds. Haven't been on the meds for years and decided to try this and it worked great. Thank you

  4. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the “free gummies just pay shipping”. They enroll you in a subscription for $95 and you have to cancel in a few days or you keep getting charged. I mean no disrespect to Autumn, I’m sure she didn’t know. But this free trial thing is a scam.

  5. Thanks you for being so transparent about your anxiety , everyone needs to hear that it's a normal thing to go through and even the people you highly respect and look up to have all types of anxieties. Thank you.

  6. I really appreciate how up front you were about this CBD product. I've seen a good few people talk about these somewhat irresponsibly but you were very measured, honest and forthcoming. Big thanks.

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