1. The more and more I grow and the more videos I watch, I realize how eccentric a lot of these guys are. Over the years I've found that a good organic fertilizer and some clean water is all you need. Bud candy and all that bullshit does fuck all. Did God invent all these chemicals or was it douchbag men. I've never had a single yellow leaf or any kind of deficiency ever in my life. I've never gotten a poor yield. I've never had any benefit from an chemicals. Never never never. It's eccentricity, hobby mentality and satan that makes all these growers think they can do a better job than God. If I was to say one thing for indoor grows that is important would be good lights and only because your replacing Gods sun. Ide put my money that I can grow just as good if not better weed with just an organic composted soil, distilled water and good leds.

  2. Great video, do you water untill runoff?
    Do you let the coco dry out a bit between waterings? ( the coco looks dry)
    Im curious because i'm also in coco, but if i don't have runoff and water every day keeping the pots black I get mag def.

  3. I have watched all you're videos very on point. I have a question if you dont mind . how is you're water sechule. I give plain water , feed, plain water in that manner.

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