Cannabis over chemo: Woman says Cannabis oil cured her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months

Understand just how beneficial cannabis oil is at NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain …


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  2. Cannabis oil is helping my friend with S.I. joint pain that she developed after a bout with cancer 12 years ago. Seems they over-radiated her and she developed avascular necrosis in some of the bones around her lower back. Up until recently, all they could do for her was treat the pain with opioids. I was doing some research and ran across hyperbaric treatment, where they put you in a pressurized chamber a couple of hours each day for about a month, while you breathe pure oxygen. It's supposed to help revitalize those bone cells affected by the necrosis. It was out of her price range for a treatment, but now it looks like medicare might cover the cost. I'm hopeful that this will help her. Of course, then we'll have to deal with getting her off the opioids. Anyone have any experience relative to this situation they would like to share? thanks.

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