Cannabis Oil Protocol in practice | Cannafest 2015

Panel discussion by Lumír Hanuš, Jindřich Bayer, Božidar Radišič, Marek Bachanski, Dorota Gudwniec a Huanito Luksetić at Cannafest 2015. Don’t miss the …


  1. I'm fighting my second brain cancer after 8 clear scans from continuous nightly cannabis vaping since the first post-radiotherapy MRI scan in June 2016. I think it came back recently because vaping isn't quite enough, had a baby so she has kept us up later and of course I came off my diet somewhat over Christmas. I was on 6 month scans with the last one being August 2018. Of course, it will now mean every 3 months with chemo TMZ. This time around I'm taking oil and stoned most of the evenings.

  2. More data to prove it??? Proverbial call of the big pharma to discredit. You aren't going to get out of this life alive. You will die of something, especially in a poisonous, cancer causing environment that we all live in.

  3. I trust and believe in this medicine because it treated my wife of her colon cancer. A friend of mine recommended an online shop to us where we ordered some quality oil and had it delivered to us within 48 hours. She used the oil for about 4 months and surprisingly when we went for the check up the cancer was gone. I pray that this medicine gets legalized worldwide so patients can find genuine solutions to their health problems

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