Cannabis oil – Do's and don'ts | Drugslab

This episode Rens Polman explains the do’s and don’ts to reduce the risks while using cannabis oil. USAGE: Look carefully at what kind of oil you use.


  1. LOL, "Don't use it to solve problems". I guess in regards to choices that affect others directly or life-changing/financial decisions. As for solving problems, it is the best teacher around. For most things I've been 3-4 years ahead of the worlds supposed 'greatest minds' (as boasted by Big IT/ Big Pharma etc) in regards to problem solving and all thanks to C.Oil. Learned more while using it than I did in school or university but having said that I have ADHD, Aspergers, Diabetes type 1 and an IQ of 155 so perhaps it just allowed me to unlock what I already have but my honest thought is that if you are a good person it allows you to access a plane of knowledge where all information is shared between others whom are good and connected to the same plane. This is the only way I could have learned most of the things I did as it was knowledge I had no clue about and usually 2-3 years later scientists prove what I learned is true. Eg: in regards to DNA, AI and many other topics. But yeah, if you use it, for the next 8 hours, do not drive or be responsible for others because if something DOES happen, regardless of how correct you were, the blame will go on the plant because there is a big corrupt push to demonize the plant because it allows people to learn about anything and everything and that is exactly what corrupt monopoly men do not want (competition). I don't use it now but had about 5 years where I used it every day so that I could be functional and there is a method to using it to study which I learned partly by trial and error but after you access the plane of knowledge, sometimes you get figments of awareness that teach you about things such as how to optimize study with it etc. Probably sounds insane to a lot of people but I'm used to that because even with gap of 30 IQ both parties will sound insane to each other.

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