Cannabis oil cures cancer – Run From the Cure – Full Documentary

RUN FROM THE CURE, the and Rick Simpson Story is a documentary about MEDICAL MARIJUANA and its potential ability to CURE CANCER. Please conduct …


  1. The Federal government and those lying frigging politicians who continue
    to prevent sick people from have free,unlimited and unfettered access
    to Cannabis,should be FIRED from office! They are murders!How many sick
    people have they caused to suffer and die needlessly? Hundreds?
    Thousands? NO, MILLIONS!
    We MUST take our government back for these
    evil,heartless fiends and make Cannabis 100% LEGAL AND stop the damn
    "SIN TAX" the state governments are tacking onto the cannabis sales in
    those states were it is legal!
    I am VERY sorry to say I have NO legal
    cannabis in my state nor hemp and so I cannot use the plant God gave to
    man for healing,as I do not want to be incarcerated.
    I am very ill
    and would never survive such a insult to my freedom or mental well
    being,so I guess I will be another death due to the frigging federal
    goon drug war jack booted thugs!
    By the way better watch out for Jeff
    Session as he is coming after any and all states were Cannabis is being
    allowed to be used by their citizens!
    I voted for Trump and thought
    he would keep his word to let the states alone that had legalized
    cannabis for medical or recreational use.
    Trump swore this on the campaign trail for President but what a fool I was to believe this promise!

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