1. There are 4 enzymes that travel up & down the entire length of the DNA chain every day. The UV rays break the chain of the DNA causing cancer. Rub hemp oil(its absorbed through the skin into the cell's.) Stay Out of the Sun!! Take 3000mg of Resveratol every day to grow the telomeres on the ends of the DNA chains that are like the plastic tips on your shoe laces.
    The enzymes try to repair the DNA that are brighten by the UV A & UV B rays from the 🌞! You're giving yourself cancer by tanning! With age the Telomeres wear away & are unable to replicate(aging). Those cellular attempts at replicating without telomeres on the DNA chain endings, develop into malformed cells(cancer).

  2. For generations, islanders considered it "The Cure for All Diseases" and they ate meat, milk and coconut oil daily. ( lovy.biz/jcvp ) Although this diet was high in saturated fats, Western diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease were virtually unknown.

  3. Amazing video, I had a very small spot on my face and used CBD topical – it literally flaked away in about 5 days ( it was small I guess that's why so fast) now I continue to do a daily once over with a small amount of CBD cream nightly on my face as a preventative.

  4. Very good video and can you please tell me name off this oil and we’re I can buy this oil I am from Uk it’s will be life saver help Thanks you so much for this video

  5. That's wonderful….starting date in May 17, 2014 but no ending date. And no, squamous cell carcinoma is under the surface – deep, you don't even know that you have it unless it hits a nerve. It can only be found with a biopsy.

  6. Why did people dislike this video? Gee maybe because there's no documentation. Maybe because the word cure is bullshit. Maybe because there are hundreds of different cancers and all kinds of weed too. Show me her medical records. Show me that she didn't receive any treatments besides this oil and I'll gladly join you guys calling this a miracle cure.

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