Cannabis News – The Worst Thing About Legalization is the Government | Ep. 172 | 7-3-2018

Joe Klare discusses an update on the teen taken from his parents in Georgia over medical marijuana use, tons of cannabis being destroyed in California and a …


  1. I think the Washington state legalization is a scam to destroy the plant and make it CBD's and handing the medical part over to the FDA and it will cost you an arm and a leg for the medicinal products. its not only legal for humans but it is also legal for mega corporations to alter it and monopolize it. we've been had again.

  2. In Cali all they had to do was say "from this date forward all NEW inventory must meet these new standards" and inventory turn over would have met the new requirements within a matter of , at the most, a few months.

  3. 06:40 They have been trying to control the content of THV in weed for years.

    Mark Kirk in Indiana and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands both tried to limit THC content in cannabis at dispensaries/coffeeshops to 15%.

    I say "bill mill". Like ALEC.

    Behind Big Government is Big Business. Which is why it always irks me when people blanketly blame 'the government'. Without the government, there are only privately owned monopolies. Right now we have privately owned monopolies taking over the government.

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