1. "Cannabis Indica may cure Skin melanoma." I don't get that statement, when you point out in the research that having high CBD is the deciding factor. Both indica and sativa can have varying levels of CBD to THC depending on the strain. Indica is irrelevant its whether the strain has high CBD or not and some sativa strains have high CBD and some indicas have low CBD.

  2. Most strains are a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa. Indica and Sativa both also contain both THC and CBD. Are you saying simply that we should use CBD oil? It can be derived from hemp. Is the presence of THC also necessary? Have you researched RSO? This is a very informative video and most importantly it shows that medical professionals are beginning to take cannabis seriously. Thank you!

  3. Dr. Gershom I have recently been diagnosed with melanoma I had a small tumor removed from my left calf. They want to go further by testing lymph nodes via removal first and then I am unsure what they want to do afterwards. Do you have any way you can help, know that I have access to cannabis. It had been my understanding that sativa was in fact the cbd dominant variety and that indica was the thc dominant variety. Should I proceed to administer topically or ingesting of indica cannabis oils?

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