Why keeping a cannabis grow journal is important. Tracking your grow. Deficiency chart for cannabis. Organizing my Medical Marijuana garden with Calendars, …


  1. Now these are the type of videos people want to see they like books and papers and Boards people love commentary like this we sure do it makes us feel as though we have some meaning to our grow when you say so yourself??? Peace out

  2. Hey we were just wondering what was going on with your numbers it seems to us as though you have over 16,000 goose but only a hundred and thirteen thumbs up something must be wrong with the people that are viewing your video we think your video is awesome and we put thumbs up all over the place well I guess that means that everyone has their own prerogative hahahahaha we hope this little note find you well peace out

  3. Wow you keep bringing up the topic of successful Gardens we really like that in the YouTube channel it seems to us as this channel is very helpful and educational as well we appreciate you taking the time out of your life to make such beautiful videos can't wait to see the next one peace out

  4. a big thanks for the time spent educating. nothing like pure experience to lead the way! found your info to be both very useful, legit, and without the bs of someone trying to sell u something. thanks again

  5. Killer system you have going, props for the dedication. I detailed every last thing my first grow, not so much this run but I have referred back to it. The only reason I haven't written as much this time is probably just laziness if I'm being honest. I use about the same system, same journals and a calendar. Very helpful that your wife takes care of the clones, also something I need to improve on. Keep on sharing, I'll watch every vid you put out.

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