1. Hey DOPE BOY !! How Are you Doing Sir Hope Fine and Ok !! Just popped in watching older Videos. So have you Moved out of House and somewhere Else Now ? Would love to Talk to you or See if you will Make Any Videos Not to push you at All Just wanted to see what you were up to … Thank you for your Time..

  2. Hey there guys. Love your videos! I watch you quite often and love what you guys are promoting! Just one question. At 12:47 I'm curious what those controllers are on the wall as you are entering into the next room. I meant to ask one other time but I forgot which video it was in so this just reminded me to ask. Thanks and hope you are well Chef B! Also what seaweed blend do you use for your rooting formula? Thanks again!

  3. I have a 4×4 in bedroom. They breath our carbon & we breath there oxygen rich skunky air mmmmm. Live it mmmmm. I'm under ACMPR so am allowed 28 but downstairs don't seem to give me oxygen like that unfiltered tent sigh. I'm going into tent now on bench. Cu

  4. put me on the list for the free lights lol .but really its because of you chef b i started to grow , and i just got my hlg lights in 2 weeks ago ,so im really glad to hear you and winston talking about them

  5. I love the content Chef and Dope Boi.
    It would be cool of you guys bought a nice directional Mic so we can hear you better. I'm using the hlg 550 v2. Great light. I can't say much for their Grow tent lol. Those mars lights are dinosaurs.

  6. Chef you're looking a lot better glad for you hell of a spread you got there nice keep up the good work oh by the way guys need to get a couple microphone this man can't hear you worth a shit he he he

  7. Hey, well, you know,,,if these 4 Books By Chef Derek Have these Correspondence'ees, not just for lights, but sea weed and cooking pans, and wax butters, and utensils,,,like Adam Gottliebs Mushroom Drink book, or Stamets…and that's when its Guilded stuff,,its like ordering from Orbital Architects, yet its University Sciences,,,sometimes in a sun panels Green long gazebo, with full paddies and drainage, and 2-3-4 season flap door amenities, and even Lincoln Horseshoe's plugs of fruit test facilities….By his books probably good materials, materials…

  8. Don't those slow spin and power an aircraft carrier, or a small/large submarine,,,because of molecular centrifuge and pack polarity,,,I wouldn't want to feel like its spinning fast,,,though….Nice Stuff! Can I get some samples of those interstate grade robot,,,,oh a plan a power grid,,,,if its green!

  9. Did you guys get a slug mantle 8 Burlington pole slow spin motion battery, and power a couple of local or neighboring communities/or reservations? I know what you mean about alien ufo L/T's shit but how do you get such a good glow in the brite brite room? I like those 3000W interstate halide on those box and flap, and I like Morsen Flood Led's at 200, 300 and more, and 15-100W Ustellars or IP 66, brite amber home tune cloud hone, brite brite, Sherlock warm spot,,,and all those Barbie 57 Chevy pink metallic, and matchbox thundercaT's aqua,,,,can you get in a Gazebo with Head,,,,those,,,or really bake a warehouse,,,,keep your floor out of Pidgeon stitch….Lots of work lots of work,,,yeah briter, not just a little box? Maybe you cook moss patties or logs. Mushrooms?

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