Cannabis Classic: Joe Rogan VS. Steven Crowder | Change My Mind?

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  1. I remember a time when Joe Rogan used to put on a much heavier "tough guy" persona than he does right now. This was around the tail end of that era because after this he soon realized that it really makes him look horrible rather than decent.

  2. One thing I’m questionable on is saying sales to minors didn’t go up. Just from what I saw when I was in colorado for college. Because people would just go get med cards buy a shit ton and sell it to people on campus. Now this is college, and I didn’t go to high school there so it might not represent high schools. But I’m just putting what I saw out there

  3. Here’s what I’ll say for the ginger and turmeric argument, I smoke because I have severe IBS. Before I smoked I worked at a juice shop, where I took pretty daily daily turmeric and ginger shots, the ginger one with cayenne pepper (smacks) , and while those helped a lot with my stomach, they didn’t help near as much as marijuana does. Just in the sense that it does what they do and more. The main difference for me being the munchies. Because without them, I might go 2-3 days in a row without being able to eat a full meal because I’ll get nauseous as soon as I take a bite of something. So in the end stuff like ginger and turmeric are great, but they’re not the end all be all. I will also say though, when i would smoke and take those together, It was the closest thing I’ve felt to having a normal stomach in 2 years

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