Canada’s cannabis industry has a diversity problem

It has been just over two years since Canada legalized the production and sale of cannabis, but despite the industry’s gains over that time, not everyone is being …


  1. These employment numbers are meaningless without the same numbers for general population.
    For instance, if the Canadian Arab population is 3% then that's not too far off from the 2% noted in your inflammatory video.

  2. News flash, the 'hippies' who created the black market industry and ran it illegally for 100+ years are the very people who pioneered the techniques and technology to cultivate good quality cannabis and they too are now unable to afford legal licenses to operate. The Feds took an industry that was created and founded by a group of 'criminals' and handed the permits for that industry over to billionaire big pharma companies. The reason we have misrepresentation is because of the inherently flawed regulations. Cannabis should be 100% deregulated, instead of handing the profits over to big pharma that played no hand in making this industry what it is today, and cutting out those who got us here

  3. The cream raises to the top. Affirmative action brings unqualified, undeserving losers to the top. If you want to be in charge of a pot company, start your own instead of forcing yourself into someone else's company by extorting them with baseless accusations of racism and sexism.

  4. I see indigenous people seem to alienate themselves, while the remaining of Canadians get the best minds together to build businesses and partnerships, regardless of race.

  5. They're white and they're men because they came up with the money to start the company and are taking the risk. Anyone can start a weed company you just have to do the paperwork and come up with the money. All you do is goto the government's website look up the rules start building and have the land file the paperwork get approval then sell it to the government's who dispurse it to the stores. Don't need more rules or special status one system for all works fine

  6. I dont understand this problem? what would be a good outcome? do we have to buy natives a grow op? this is an open economy are they being discriminated against when they apply for license?

  7. 1:20 Ok, so this guy says that the reason for the group is not doing GREAT buisness. Is the fact that legislation that left them out? Wait. When we bring something new into this country. Do we say "Natives must have first dibs" I hope we dont. Is there anything anyone can think of besides fishing and hunting where this would be happening. Cause nothing is stopping the Natives who have grow ops here in Ontario, on thier res. From expanding and growing bigger except the people running it.

  8. I'd also like to say, as white man and resident of Canada, living in a place surround by Indigenous communities, the MOST RACIST people I have EVER MET, are the Indigenous People's. Always acting like the world owes them something, how about looking at life with this thought, "how can I contribute to the world or society and make it a better place for EVERYONE."

  9. Are you fed up of being force fed critical race theory nonsense yet, Canada?
    Whatever shall we do? Force BIPOC and women into the cannabis industry? We already have strict hiring policies and quotas.

  10. If you are qualified to run or own a cannabis company, you deserve to own or run one, regardless of race or sex. Because of culture and/or heritage, you feel these people should be deserving to just be catapulted to the top…hahaha. Put the money up/down to start the company just like everyone else in the industry has done. If you pass all of the legal mumble jumble than you will get your cannabis company or licensing, however this goes for everyone (white men and women included,) if you dont pass the requirements, you dont get granted a license, these requirements do extensive background checks and life history checks, everything needs to come back as approved by the people who approve these things.

  11. That drugs have a 'diversity' problem is—laughable! This is a ridiculous concept that somehow we must diversify to allow other ethnic groups to get stoned—-just like white's! Canada–you've lost your minds. If anything….Pot should be illegal because of its' mood altering traits!

  12. Primarily white men.
    Like Bill Blair our former opp chief and current year safety minister?
    You ( visible minority )should have locked up your competitors when the time allowed to be successful with your current business plan.
    Like now. Get on the snitchlines and buy any business you want, when it fails ,buy, pennies on the dollar … better get a grant or sweet loan deal. Govt the money. Till you outlived usefulness.

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