Can Regenerative Agriculture Really Heal Humans And The Planet?

The argument that is often made against organic farming is that it can’t feed the world. Opponents say it can’t be scaled to the level we need to feed our current …


  1. Dr Hyman actually knows to much of the subject to make a good interviewer. (Just kidding, but he should stick to his role, just ask and allow the other guy to provide the information). I would love to see Joe Rogan interview either one of these guys and some other people in this movement (Gabe Brown, Ray Archuleta etc.).

  2. Hopefully the awareness of the linkage between agriculture and health care will become more widespread. It would also be nice if health care actually began to focus on preventing illness rather than just treating the symptoms.

  3. Enjoyed this Dr Hyman – thank you. You should get Dr Zack Bush on a podcast who is turning big farms with terribly damaged soils into profitable organic and regenerative farms – big movement and would be great for the Rodale Inst. to connect with him too.

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