Can Cannabis Plants Survive A Cold Night? FROST Test + Journal Update

Bout a week ago I put that runt male plant outside during an unusually cold mid-October…here’s how it did…as well I’ll update you on the indoor girls and the …


  1. My landrace strains stand 30 degree Fahrenheit temps. I’ll usually have a cold snap night, then nighttime temps go back up to the 40’s, daytime about 70 Fahrenheit. The cold snaps seem to make the plant increase resin production and the smell gets very strong.

    Temps of 24-26 Fahrenheit seems to kill all of them though.

  2. I have a question bro . I need a solution for ph buffer . ( a pun , solution) anyway . I am about out of PH up and the delivery is a little later than I need . The soil is a little low so I have to raise the ph . Growing good tho . So I did some research and I saw ppl using baking soda to raise the ph ., is this healthy dude ?

  3. Hey lex, i have 2 fluence 2i's im about to start using for bloom, can i dumb down my veg light, i like the fluence for veg just not financially ready for more huge price tag lights, any input?
    Eric in Michigan

  4. they survive a day and two or three but then fall drops in a makes effect browning leafs and so on, even happens in my grow room when temperature outside drops, funny shit

  5. yo lex can u talk about red weed? I've seen a couple of seeds of sweetseeds bank that are supposly red, I've never seen red weed only in that strains they got, have u seen red weed? like check the red hot cookies, in the photo is completly red so beauty

  6. I love your channel! I think it’s important and could get you some views. Ph meter care and maintenance. Including different styles of testing. I’ve had issues and questions. Thanks as always. Keep it up! Love you bro!

  7. Hi Lex great video! These plants are so strong, people need to realize mature plants of certain varieties can take several frosts! The only negative ive observed is the loss of trichomes while handling a frozen plant.

  8. Hey Lex, can you please give "(organic) no till" a try? You basically mulch your soil, get some rainy worms inside, water like only once a week and after harvest grow your next plant in the same soil.

  9. I would absolutely love to see an outdoor series, or even a weekly video on new and upcoming growers in a fair and well thought out format would be dope as your known for, I'm so tired of searching for them, I only find indoor, while the best bud is arguably(taste/potency wise)outdoor in the soil(NOT in a pot)I mean, just have a look at the absolute monster outdoors out there, Mendocino country, Humboldt, all known for like 4m shrubs, you could easily make a hedge with them lol. Some Sativa's here in South Africa, can grow to like 3-5 maybe more meter plus.

    Not to mention the environmental impact of some indoor ops, the sun just can't be beat imho.

    Love your videos Lex, you've taught the community a great deal, thank you 🙂

  10. Hey good people hope alls well, i have a question..what’s going to happen to my auto flowers when i flip the photos into flower? There all in the same grow tent? Thanks in advance..

  11. When you say 'currently still in their 5 gallon pots'….does that mean you plan to transplant them again?
    Can you transplant AFTER you've switched to flower?
    Can you transplant AFTER the stretch?
    Can you transplant AFTER they've begun to develop flowers?
    Asking for 3 friends. Tropic Lightning. Malibu Pie. And Vader Actual.

    Again, Lex, thank you for a very timely (getting cold) video topic.
    Keep up the good work.
    It is appreciated.

  12. It's not surprising they can tolerate some cold, considering they're adapted for such a wide variety of environments – from mountainous to tropical, and anywhere in between. Of course, how much cold each plant can take depends entirely on its particular genetics.

  13. Every strain seems a little different , I've left a bunch of strains outside this year because I just grew more than I needed , some lasted several below zero consecutive night's but some died the first night , sativa leaners croaked first !

  14. From my experience the first frost night stunted the growth during flowering and died soon after in the next frost. I just left it out, i could have put some bags over them, i was to lazy and i paid for it.

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