Can Americans take marijuana legalization seriously? senior political reporter Brian Montopoli asked Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) whether the issue of legalization and decriminalization of marijuana …


  1. Jared Polis has been a leader on this issue for years, standing up for Coloradans' rights. And look what has happened: we've created a huge industry that employs over 10,000 Coloradans, raised millions of dollars in taxes to fund our education system, and decreased the abuse of marijuana by minors, all while taking a huge source of funding away from violent criminal organizations. Now it is time to make Polis the leader of Colorado, so that he can continue to lead us forward into the future.

  2. I know a LOT of respectable people who responsibly use cannibus. And I also know a LOT of people who don't use Alcohol responsibly.

    If cannibus is illegal because its risk for abuse is high, and its medical benefits are "low", then why is tobacco legal? how many people do 'you' know that use tobacco medicinally? besides to "relieve" stress (you know, the stress that is caused by withdrawl from nicotine).. A ton of people abuse the heck out of tobacco.

  3. tobacco is a plant. simply saying it's a plant does not simply mean it should be legal. it needs to be regulated. weed is powerful stuff, if it wasn't you probably wouldn't be smoking it.

  4. obama just laugh about it because he still hasn't done anything for are country the president is scared of what people might thing about them fuck it do it for are country

  5. Simply allowing citizens to grow as much cannabis as needed for medicine or recreation will reduce the abuse of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other dangerous drugs. Stop sending American cash to illegal foreign cartels. It is safe, pleasant, and popular, and should be legal.

  6. heres the latest i have heard – the illegal mar. trade is approx. 9 billion a year in u.s.. the medicinal trade is over 4 billion.but there is only 5 states with med marijuana.take that 4 billion and multiply 10 times when all 50 states have med we are up to 40 in med mar, and that will only grow when the illegal stigma is gone.then you got the rec users…we are easily looking at 50-100 billion dollars a year.then count in the cost of not policing it, d00d…there is money on the table

  7. @teame8
    See, the thing is, they wouldn't have a hard time taxing it. The average person is NOT going to go to the trouble to make their own GOOD weed. This bullshit about "anybody can grow their own" bullshit needs to stop. Not everyone can grow a quality herb. It takes a VERY dedicated stoner and MUCH, MUCH discipline (i.e. no, you can't smoke it yet – it still needs to cure) to grow the best nugs. I, personally, would if it were legal, but plenty would give up and just buy it.

  8. @superfish812 Exactly ! …The SB 31 bill eerily adjoins hand in hand with the " illegal to garden" "Senate Bill s510" which was just sneakily passed late last year out of the radar of most clueless American NFL & American idol groupies..

  9. Deaths per year resulting from alcohol: 100,000

    路 Deaths per year resulting from tobacco: 430,000

    路 Deaths per year resulting from aspirin: 180- 1000

    路 Deaths per year resulting from legal drugs: 106,000

    路 Deaths that have ever occurred in direct result of Cannabis: 0 (that's right zero)

  10. @XFTW3 YOU said that hemp is different than marijuana. In fact DUMBASS they are the exact same plant. Hemp is simply brought to pollination and seeding which inhibits THC production in the plant. Therefore there are no psychoactive components in hemp. All of the companies that produce concrete plywood fuel etc…have a vested interest in seeing that hemp remains illegal. That is why the obfuscate the debate about the EVILS of pot. Get it? E-mail your Congressman and demand hemp now.

  11. I vividly remember that Q & A with obama they were talking about and i have to agree,it pissed the shit out of me to see him just laugh and blow off the same subject he seemed to care about before he was elected….one of the many reasons i hate (most)politicians

  12. @XFTW3 Whatever can be derived from hemp can be derived from pot. That is a fact. However psychoactive components cannot be derived from hemp. The argument has been framed and convoluted by the powers that keep hemp in a prohibited status. You are one of the millions that have fallen for the convoluted lie.

  13. North Carolina's SB 31 bill which was passed few days ago already makes it a felony to grow , posses or use of ALL herbs for healing ,not just the cannabis …

    It takes no rocket science to see what this bill is truly about & that it will soon be introduced to ALL other states as well..

  14. Millions of people die every year from Cancer stemmed from cigarette smoke as well as countless drunk driving accidents and liver disease caused by the consumption of alcohol.Yet, these things are totally legal?!?

    How many people have died from Marijuana overdose or even at all throughout the span of so many years in comparison to the same consumption of alcohol and cigarettes?

    I'm sure money has nothing to do with it (sarcasm)


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