Businesses 'can't occupy CBD office spaces' when public transport capacity has been slashed

Kwik Kopy Australia Executive Chairman Stephen Penfold says businesses cannot “occupy offices in CBD spaces” when public transport capacity has been …


  1. You don't understand. Dan ruined Melbourne even before coronavirus. I've heard commuters who used to take 40 minutes to drive to work, then 1 hour and 40 minutes in just a few years. Devastating! With "Covid" (was it planned?) the global elite took 2 pigeons with one stone: they now want global socialism via climate regulations. That means, the smaller businesses will have to go, city centers probably half capacity or less, middle class gone, private property very limited. That's a crime against humanity! That's communism. Most PMs and leaders of at least 2 hundred countries around the world met recently to start the process; they are trying to implement it again even though it never worked anywhere. They are not interested in the well being of the majority of people as long as the elite continues to live in luxury. What to do? Pray and wake the police and the army up to the scam of the century! Scott M. is not going to help. The vaccine has probably some sterilizing agents in there as well and all for a bad flu. When are the Left-tards going to wake up?

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