Bruce Banner Harvest And Autoflower Update

Time to harvest these Bruce Banners. Check out how much these autoflowers have grown. The living soil in the US i was trying to remember in the US is …


  1. Beautiful looking plants , I have the Mars fc 6500 in a 5×5 and it's killer , replaced two CMH 315s and I couldn't keep the room under 30c , the room runs at 23c with the driver inside now ……unreal and the plants look unbelievable , you can see every little detail , but I'm in Canada and that fc6500 was $1400 , the 4800 $ 1000 !

  2. Only get a new phone if it’s worth it for other reasons than camera your camera great it’s just picky working with phones the focus is perfect at a small specific range and can tap and hold and hold focus (like on center screen where usually point camera) then u just gotta pull phone back till focus clears and zoom in on product from where it cleared focus, I probably make this all sound complicated 😂

  3. For the US fox farm ocean forest and happy frog are a better alternative but if you do top dress wait about 3 to 5 weeks after transplant or else you'll burn the plant bc of how rich the nutrients are

  4. Always ALWAYS enjoy your content and I’ve got great admiration for your growing acumen and your Procedures.
    I really learn a lot of the intricacies of growing where some information gets lost or overlooked, I feel as if that’s something you really delve into the importance of the WHAT AND WHY……….
    Quite simply #MarsHydroCA is extremely lucky to have you on their team and for your efforts and your thoroughness, you really are in a position I’d love to find myself in.
    Your following has taken off IMMENSELY over such a Short period of time and your reaching folks that would have otherwise never have found or seen your content.
    I am very looking much forward to being involved more and more with you should that be something you would ever be interested in. I have some massive respect and admiration for you Bill, and I would be an extremely lucky Grower and creator to have a collaborative of sorts with THEEE Bill Ward!!
    You Da man Bill!!! KEEP EM FROSTY ☃️

  5. I understand the Kryptonite shirt, I Get it. BUT, I'd pay good money + S&H for one of Your shirts. It could be like a contribution to get you a new camera! Lol Thanks for the video, Great as usual! 😁

  6. Hey bill it's me again so I haven't bought a light yet I was thinking of getting two tsl 2000 instead of the ts 3000 what's the difference n what can I use too keep pestasides n lil nats out do I clean every other week or a certain spray I can use let me know thank u I appreciate u getting bk too me n do u use fox farm nutrients

  7. Your oldest Skittles autoflowers leaves look extremely jagged, I've noticed this on some of my plants. Is this from fertilizer or humidity or just what they look like when they're going into flower?

  8. Bill i ran the autopots with subcools recipe with ilgm gg autoflowers with the airdomes in the bottom i put the plastic golfballs i didnt run into ph issuse with the golf balls

  9. Looking good Bill! Those autos seem to be pretty solid producers! Can't believe you're almost to 50K! You deserve it man! I'm over here trying to get to 50, without the K haha! I'll talk to you soon and be well!

  10. hey Bill.i finally found out that the sp3000 is like the sp250,where both produce lower wattage on 120v than 240v.on 120v the sp3000 delivers 258watts. 240v is needed to get the full 300w.i wish mars hydro would mention this on their website,but i suppose if they did they might not sell as many still love my sp250 though. as always,beautiful garden.

  11. Glad your not just giving up on the auto pot system like many would. Just needs dialed in. Can u run then shut off. That might help roots grow more even throughout the pot. Just a suggestion

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