1. While chatting with Dilan, I was surprised to notice him being so witty and sharp. Finally, he mentioned that he had googled Nemery Thentel’s website and got everything he needed to quit weed in a week, I’m working on it myself now.

  2. thank you for posting actual scientific research instead of some fake, biased, or sensationalized media. there's good and bad in everything, weed does have it's negatives. it's tolerable in moderate use but excessive use is clearly damaging to some extent. now the question is how extensive is the damage, what does the behavioral outcome look like, and is it reversible?

  3. Who's the hater – you visit my video and slam scientific research with your anecdotal information about you and your friends and we are the haters. I smoked for years and have been around smokers my whole life and have seen memory loss and mental health issues with tons of them. Most importantly this is brain scan science – I'm sorry you can't handle the truth.

  4. WOW!!!! fucking lie's LOL!!! none of these are facts, not one person has suffered this not ONE!!! fuck your video, and fuck haters, don't hate on something you don't know jack shit about

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