Booker introduces marijuana legalization bill

Though New Jersey seems primed to legalize marijuana in 2018, Booker’s bill to decriminalize the drug faces an uphill battle at the federal level. Don’t forget to …


  1. yes sir it's about time for a change I'm with this 100% it's time that we stand up and not take the separation from the state it's legalized for some states it she'll be legalized anyone in all states let's be fair it's time we don't discriminate

  2. Take a stance against present state or country recreational marijuana legalization because it continually helps criminal organizations by getting them access to an another supply of recreational marijuana. For example, a lot of criminal organizations caught taking advantage of recreational marijuana legalization by orchestrating and operating recreational marijuana cultivation operations allowed under Amendment 64 according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 4: Page 115). This example out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually helps criminal organizations which increases criminal activity.

  3. This guy just wants his 15 minutes of fame he doesn't care about legalization marijuana he knows as well as everyone else knows there is no chance in hell that this bill would pass. Dude it just playing on people's emotions

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