Bixby man educates Christians about medical marijuana

A Bixby man is working to win over Christians to make medical marijuana use more acceptable in Green Country. ◂ KJRH – 2 News Works for You – brings you …


  1. The Bible is very clear on the importance of being sober minded because an un sober mind may lead to other sin. I don’t know what it feels like to smoke marijuana, but if it alters your mind than you are not sober minded. The benefits may not outweigh the aftermath. And getting rid of chronic pain is also not a good enough excuse to smoke weed, reality check: LIFE IS HARD. Is weed healing the root of the problem for you? If it’s not then you are hitting a nail with another nail. Do I think smoking weed is a sin – no. Do I think it can lead you to sin – yes. End of the day I bow down to God and him alone. I have to crucify my flesh and carry the cross daily. I really don’t care what others think about this topic or even what I think, because at the end of the day it only matters what God thinks. That’s who I bow down to and thats who will judge me at the end of the day. I’ve learned that not many people actually know God, and because of that they have no discernment and justify their actions without really going to God first.

  2. I’m on my daughters YouTube… my name is Kim.. I have severe OCD an bad feet in pain.. I don’t drink or do other drugs.. the pills r way way worse.. tried them years ago..I’ve been self medicating with weed for 25 years .. I struggle inside about it.. I’m a active Christian.. I love Jesus and spend my free time learning about Jesus and telling others about Jesus… I’m on fire for the Lord…I struggle inside constantly about the weed.. I see people with horrible seizures and they shake all day severely getting no relief…and they take weed and it stops…the marijuana does not really help my symptoms but it helps the extreme anxiety the symptoms cause.. it like greases my wheels so they run smoother.. I battle within constantly bc I don’t know what exactly to think God thinks about it…I will say this if any Christian is taking any kind of pills for anything mental, pain, depression, ect .. it’s to me no different except I believe the pills are worse.. I think weed should be legal.. get rid of the dope and alcohol and pills.. once you build a tolerance to marijuana it’s not like when you first start smoking it..I also if I’m not mistaken it’s classified with heroine.. to me that is ridiculous…I would say marijuana should be at the bottom of the spectrum and everything else including alcohol should be considered worse for you… plus I’m smoking koosh but not any of these new things they got out ..just regular marijuana..I think it should be legal but that’s my opinion I care more about Jesus opinions.. on one hand God gave us the plants .. on the other hand the Lord says be sober minded.. here’s where it gets tricky.. are you able to be sober minded on marijuana..I believe I’m sober minded.. I function in life better on marijuana bc of my symptoms… I’m used to it .. so it doesn’t effect me the way a first time smoker would be effected.. in fact i smoked a joint rt bf and during writing this.. I’m sober minded.. idk… then I go to this in my head.. does it have control over me.. ? My answer is yes.. I cannot just stop bc I experience the severe anxiety from ocd and pain in my feet.. also I cannot sleep if I don’t smoke it.. But it does steal your Dreams.. I cannot remember dreams…anyway I’m torn.. but I am certain of this .. if you are going to take pills for whatever is wrong with you then marijuana should not be looked at any different.. if you are a Christian and at against legal marijuana then go empty out your medicine cabinet of any narcotic.. for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder.. ect ect ect… ❤️✝️🙏

  3. God Gave Herb to Man.
    Can't get more Christian than that you "holier than thou", self Righteous people.
    MOSES with The anointing oil,
    It has made nations and nations have perverted everthing, legalising every vice that suits them, the suffering caused by their legalised, regulated sins is incalculable.
    Greed in churches, rife.
    Forget the pastors they are hirelings.
    L5 ~ S1 full app fusion.
    Left sciatic nerve almost severed, car wreck after fusion.
    Opiates, and accused of addiction.
    Ridiculous amount of continual pain to deal with 24/7.
    Cannabis has no ill side effects.
    The other, is deplorable and induces a "medicated state" but that's the effect they want to isolate from cannabis so they can "medicate" everyone.
    You can't enjoy a high, oh no what a crime.
    But you can starve your brain of oxygen, drink smoke and Prostitute yourselves from age 18 in Australia.
    "Blind leaders of The Blind".

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