1. Toward the end of this podcast you speak of creative ways in which one might attempt to cope with "death anxiety." I wondered if you knew the story of Joel Peter Witkin (American photographer). The legend goes that when Witkin was a little boy in NYC he witnessed a horrific 3 car accident. He saw a ball rolling to him from the scene of the crash and when it stopped at his feet he realized that it was a little girl's head. Look up Witkin's photography and you can see how the manifestation of this horror plays out in front of his camera in exquisitely composed large-scale photographs, sometimes using actual cadavers. Talk about death anxiety!!!

  2. Excellent episode, guys! Truly insightful, thank you! I wonder whether someone with Chad's dellisions of grandeur would do the dirty work, that is the children's murders- himself. Especially when there was a willing minion, Alex, at hand.

  3. I was just listening to Dr. Dorothy Lewis a forensic psychiatrist in this HBO doc "Crazy, not Insane" – she said "Evil" is a religious concept, not a scientific one. "It helps to know what motivates a killer…" I think she was one of the first psychiatrists to focus on how the brain is altered by early on-going abuse.

  4. I was just listening to Dr. Dorothy Lewis a forensic psychiatrist in this HBO doc "Crazy, not Insane" – she said "Evil" is a religious concept, not a scientific one. "It helps to know what motivates a killer…" I think she was one of the first psychiatrists to focus on how the brain is altered by early on-going abuse.

  5. John or Lauren should write up that ending on death anxiety and its effects so we can share it with people. It made me think of the great writers and artists who lived with terror, plague and death and somehow produced works so inspirational they're still with us today. Shakespeare, for instance, dealt with plague and public executions of Catholics in the oppressive state that was Elizabethan England. His plays and sonnets were haunted by death and a desire for immortality, but unlike Chad Daybell he managed his death anxiety in the most transcendent and inspiring way.

  6. Thank you very much for the podcast. As usual I have enjoyed learning new things from your analysis of this case. I’ve enjoyed all your podcasts but this one in particular, has given me much to think about and reflect upon. I am looking forward to the next episode.

  7. Annie Cushing is Tylee's aunt and she runs a channel known as Annielytics. Some people have left hateful comments about Tylee. If you run into Annie on social media please take a moment to let her know you care about her. Tylee was a brave, nurturing young woman and her death was senseless and disgusting.

  8. This has to be the most informative and educational podcast so far. I have been totally engrossed by all of the interesting insight into this case. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledgd.

  9. Actually, evil by your description sounds exactly like Bill Gates…and his depopulation agenda vva vaccinating the overpopulated globe, which he chose to begin in Afrfrica and now, the rest of us.

  10. One more terrible case of mother murdering teenage daughter: Karissa Boudreau. There also the mother/daughter relationship was a bit too much like girlfrieds, the mother was immature and a narcissist I think. Also unbelievable how she invested so much into the daughter to then suddenly decide to get rid of her. I also think there was some jealousy on the mother's part, seeing this young girl starting to show so much promise and reminding the mother that she herself is no longer the young 20year old she would like to remain, so I think that could also be seen as lashing out and destroying another in some kind of jealous revenge because of fear of death. Because it's so rare, this type of murder (in a seemigly non violent and good family), I think it would be interresting to compare them. Especially the psychology of the mothers.

  11. Another enlightening experience with both of you! Your spin on Chad is one I have never really heard before now. And I think I have heard them all!! Now I wonder who was the aggressor when it came to banging boots! Lol..so say like and you can't subscribe or get notified.. let's talk about it! Stay safe and I think for the most part it was Lori..the warrior.. I think she probably rocked Chad's world!! Just sayin '

  12. Counting those honeybees is an important aspect of that event. (edited to add) Rather than getting "lost in the moment" and detaching, he identified and quantified each target. Perhaps this indicates a precursor to Chad's lists?

  13. Hello John and Lauren. I was just thinking about your channel today! When I saw you uploaded I was thrilled.
    I have a couple of questions. what makes you believe that Chad had near-death experiences? I know you guys spoke about them a lot in the beginning of this video but I wonder if he really had near-death experiences. Also I was wondering about Joseph Ryan. He was not mentioned in this video. I just wonder where he comes into these killings. When I listen to Chad speak he sounds so much like a Dullard. He's so empty and Hollow sounding. And he actually sounds quite dumb. Anyways did Tammy not believe in Chad's books and what they stood for in his eyes? Because I would think if she was as excited as Lori and as enthused by the reality of these books things would have been different. I wonder what she felt about them. Thank you so much for this deep dive into Chad Daybells psyche. What a disturbing series of events. I find Mormonism so interesting because if you are a so-called prophet you can write scripture. Unlike the Christian religion or the Jewish religion where the Bible is the Bible the word of God and you cannot add to it. I have worked and lived around a lot of Mormons and they have some very very bizarre and far-out belief systems. Thank you guys so much for keeping things on a very interesting and deep level regarding the people involved with this crazy horrific situation. And I did listen to Julie Rowe's seminar. What a nutcase. very scary. Have a beautiful day or evening whenever you read this.

  14. I've been watching for you. Glad you're back! Your message speaks to me on different levels. As a woman of age, I gained insight into death anxiety and how I should change my attitude. Thank you.

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