BEWARE! Marijuana Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms (EASY FIXES) – 30 Day Weed/THC Detox

Most Common Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms (MAY SURPRISE YOU!) BEWARE Marijuana Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms (EASY FIXES) – 30 Day Weed …


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    What withdrawal symptom do you struggle with the most?

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  2. Its been 3month on Thc. Last time used weed was 3Month ago. First month i felt like zombie everytime. I went to UK for a month and fell better. After month and two weeks somehow weed hit me randomly and feeling like shit everytime. I need help pls

  3. My story
    I ve been smoking loud weed daily (all day long.. J after J before work and J after J before bed) for the past 15 years. I stopped for 2 weeks then during my second weekend I smoked a gram and I was high AF, meantime I hate it myself for smoking it again. The following Monday I marked it on my agenda as my new day 1 and now i m going on day 33 without it. It wasn't easy at the beginning (sweaty night, crazy dreams doing drugs,, bad temper, hardly can focus, low sex drive) but things got better starting week 3. I still feel weird but I m happy of my accomplishment and finally enjoying doing things like watching a movie and having my focus and sex drive back close to normal without being high.. it is still a battle in my mind and I am winning it.. and so could you! Nothing is impossible so do it!

  4. Seriously guys/gals take Benadryl the first couple nights of stopping and come back to thank me later. You will sleep as it will settle the mental instability where you can chill out to fall asleep. If you have ADHD and that’s part of reason you smoked it works even better

  5. Tomorrow will be 1 week 1st week I couldn't sleep sweating like crazy couldn't eat I get pissed off quick thoughts running through my mind I've moved to get away from negative people last week I talk to my recruiter for the first time and he told me to quit so I did and now I feel motivated and doubt at the same time but it's just the withdrawals and now I'm enlisting next month or in 2 months than ship off to boot in December I cried out to God to help me fight my depression and addiction it worked I sometimes thought prayers wont work but it did 🙏🏽❤️

  6. I really like everything you said but there is also something called " harm reduction " that could be effective it was meant for heroine addiction but I am modifying the program for canabis don't ask the pros though it is not legal in the US but as a drug/alcohol counselor I have seen it work! May all of us have the lives we really want! 😎

  7. Weed is deff the devils lettuce makes you feel good for the moment takes your mind off things but in the long run it drains your pockets hurts your lungs and messes with your brain reason for the withdrawal symptoms shits very real not worth the side effects

  8. Stopping today for a while! Just to mentally fix myself haha and give myself a little break so tomorrow will be day 1 as I have taken 3 fat ass dabs this morning! Wish me luck I’ve been through this a lot 😂

  9. Gotta take a break to get stoned cheaper.
    Been 06 since I last had a break. Smoked daily since 1993. Wake n baked since 2009.
    Thanks for the tips bro. Some things here I'd not thought about.
    Iv just started on day 1, already my throat is itchy an I'm spitting out speckled tar flecks and phlegm, grim.
    Sweating and irritablity levels creeping.

  10. Day 1 and I feel pretty okay apart from having absolutely no appetite. I'm eating snacks just so i dont get sick from not eating. I havent slept or tried to sleep yet so idk what that'll be like, hopefully better than what i've read others going through. I really hope it doesn't get worse.

  11. Day 4 of no smoking for me and I'm experiencing headaches all day on the left side of my headache . Throwing myself outside of a window seems like the best option now😥

  12. Hey thanks for the video,I have been smoking weed for 15 years,I stopped 4 days ago, and it has been very hard for me. I can't sleep, I can't eat , I'm nervous and depressed. Honestly I'm scared that im not gonna be able to make it. Please wish me luck 🙏

  13. Thanks bro. Been smoking weed everyday since I was 17. Turning 23 tomorrow and bought a ticket to Turkey for 3 weeks to detox my body. Leaving next week for that. Wish me luck mate 🙏🏼

  14. marijuana is NON-ADDICTIVE and non -lethal, so if you are having withdrawl its from something else…probably sugar as it is extremely addictive and harmful and sugar has serious withdrawl symptoms!!!! THC binds directly to receptors and is not stored to be used later like an opiod does. THC mimics the natural cannabinoid called anandamide, that your endocannabinoid system makes on its own. (anandamide is responsible for the "runner's high' you may experience after strenuous exercise, it is known as the bliss molecule.) Nowhere in the history of history has there been a recorded case of overdose or addiction.

  15. I'm 72 hours sober. I can't sleep but I still have energy, so weird, no appetite, boredom. I'm not really having cravings though, just dealing with the nega symptoms. I am slightly more irritable, but not too much. Thanks for the tips

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