Balcony Cannabis Grow – Flowering and Harvesting

In this video I attempt a balcony cannabis grow without any artificial lights! I’m going to grow this plant in front of a window and outside on my balcony. This video …


  1. I had grow with less sunlight plus a couple of hours of 90watts cfls and it come out with 56g's so damn this is a really bad harvest man 😀 but offcourse outside is hard but you got to be more carefull for your plants health you know. That green water and nutrient tank is a mess…

  2. If you had just kept it indoors next to a cracked window with heat and light from the sun and oxygen from the window being slightly open and just water the plant in dirt, you would’ve gotten better results.

  3. Hey Jimmy! Just wanted to let you know, a great way to reflect light away from your buckets, plus not attract heat using black, is to wrap the bucket in either real tinfoil, or buy tinfoil tape and tape the whole outside.
    This is sure to not allow any light to pass through, while reflecting the light away and not get hot.
    Also, its reccomended to change the entire bucket of water completly every 7-10 days regardless how much nutrients are left.
    If you do this, and make sure you are getting atleast 750-1000 ppfd spread across your plant, it will dramatically increase your yields.
    Sub'd and liked by the way 👍

  4. Wow my mom grew hers on her balcony in a pot, no added nutrients and using tap water ( not distilled ). Random bagseed and it grew big. She got about 2 ounce dried. Came out pretty nice. Maybe u should use potted and not hydro for outdoor balcony next time.

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