Aurora Cannabis Is A Black Hole For Millennial Money – How To Make Money With Put Contracts

It is totally fine to bet against a shitty company like Aurora, especially when they screw over the share holders by issuing new shares all the time which dilutes the …


  1. Canaccord Genuity Report on OLL – $0.50 Fair Value, $0.74 Bullish Target. ASX-OLL current stock price is $0.330

    Annual recurring revenue increased by 55% to A$1.225 million YoY,
    A 160% growth (YoY) was seen in Platform SaaS customers
    Total 4.238 million people are enrolled with $OLL. There was a quarterly increase of 563k, up +15% QoQ

    There are companies that suffered big blows from COVID; there's companies that benefited from COVID; there are companies whom COVID has only accelerated trends in their markets that were already happening.
    OpenLearning $OLL is firmly in the latter category

    Education Minister Dan Tehan wants micro-credentials to be a permanent fixture for Australian education system.


    OpenLearning website..

    UNSW, In The 50 Best In The world..

    Very big changes to how the world functions has filtered into the higher education sector with the University of NSW partnering with OpenLearning (ASX: $OLL) to create a new online pathway program that can transition successful students into UNSW degrees.

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