Arkansas Governor says Cannabis Legalization is the Federal Governments Fault

Arkansas Governor says Cannabis Legalization is the Federal Governments Fault Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. ASA #Legealiaze in Arkansas We will not give up We want legalized Adult use Cannabis in Arkansas Not Black Markets and Laws that arrest and convict none violent offenders We where cheated from allowing it on the ballot this election yea because of the virus we will not allow the government to distract the policy that is most important to Arkansans We want Full legalization why should you areest people and jail people for growing and smoking cannabis when it is allowed in more then half the USA get with it or get out of office the people and votes will vote and pass it sooner or later Arkansas will Liberalize not because we want it alone because the country more then the minority that are telling lies of harms that never been proven its not going to work #Proveit #Cannabisdoesnotharm You charge people of Arkansas $15 a gram for medical and you over regulated it so not every one can get into the program SAD This is why we must fully Legalize To end these unjust laws and convictions in the state! ! ! #ArkansasGovenor #GettheFacts #Cannabislaws

  2. Well seeing how trump is fascist… yes they want the government to have 100% total control. Otherwise to be American is to be anti-fascist. And against a socialist government like the British rule we broke from in 1770.

  3. This Governor is essentially saying that the people need big brother to tell us want to think. I'm a veteran with PTSD and live in Texas and surrounded by republicans (I'm independent, Yang Gang) and it amazes me how many pro military voters are against legalizing broad medical use or even research. Meanwhile vets are killing themselves everyday. It's mind boggling.

  4. Arkansas TrueGrass is petitioning the Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Amendment2022. Go to our website. They find a way to get it removed from the ballot. It is illegal. Join us on Facebook. Im Dustin Johnson Feel free to message me for any information about it.

  5. The term I like to use is "Punting" He is obviously scared to make a call they would rather punt it off or play the fingerpointing game.

    My fear is Joe Biden might do the same thing. Its not until these Mofo's are pushed into a corner until they sign-on. Hopefully the economy downfall will get them to do what is right!

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