1. I ran into thia channel (sheesh i feel like a year has gone by tbh) a long long time ago and i didnt realize until now that your a small weedtuber. I thought you already blew up lol. You make great ,funny and enjoyable content. Keep it up!!!

  2. Could you by chance do a video talking about tolerance and every day smoking. Because i never ever get high like i used to. I can go a day and a half without smoking and smoke a dab and be pretty toasted. But after that first dab once i come down and smoke again i feel like no matter how much i smoke im just not getting anywhere near as high. Is there a way for people who want to be high all the time to still do that and enjoy their high eveytime. I also get my stuff from the dispensary too so i know that what im smoking isn't garbadge. I just feel like i should be getting way higher even with my tolerance. Like bro I'll re up one night and smoke a dab or two and be great. But then the next day it doesn't matter how much i smoke im just not satisfied. Sorry for the loaded comment. I hope for a response❤

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