1. I see Jonesing to take psychedelics (like Mary Jane) is like paying for human touch, companionship. If it comes to that point, I am admitting I am nothing but an animal beyond God's ability to comfort. Same with Mary Jane. I will wait for God to open my eyes, instead of lusting after a plant to give me what God promises to do. (see Isaiah ch. 40 to 55)

  2. hes 100% wrong about alcohol and weed. wrong. apparently the psalms and proverbs are disregarded by rabbis and solomons wisdom must be foolish because a rabbi knows. duh

     Dear Rabbi 
     Watching with open eyes what I read in the Zohar that in each Celestial Palace there is a corresponding door of hell with its respective guardian portrait that mystical knowledge in the light of Numerology. 

    So we have:

    1. Celestial Palace of El Shadai VN = 345 same VN of Hashem and same VN of the name Moshé, and, because VN greater than 150 (justified in Ensamble ECHAD) admits NS = 3 + 4 + 5 = 12

    This Palace is the same as Ehie Asher Ehie from VN = 543 (345 inverted) because his NS = 5 + 4 + 3 = 12 again

    This Heavenly Palace has on earth headquarters in

    Tsion VN = 156, even VN of the name Yossef and, before its headquarters was in Shilo because its NS is also 12

    The guardian of the Hell's Gate of this Celestial Palace is called

    Satan VN = 750 logo NS = 12

    2. Shem's Celestial Palace VN = 340 logo NS = 7 with Amalek VN = 250 NS = 7 the guardian of the Hell's Gate of Shem's Celestial Palace

    3. David's Heavenly Palace

    According to RASHI the celestial David is a degree of Hierarchy below El Shadai; and RA (the Egyptian deity) a degree of hierarchy below the level of Satan's wickedness; so we have:

    – El Shadai NS = 12 and Satan NS = 12

    David VN = 14 NS = 14 and RÁ VN = 275 then NS = 14 because David's VN is less than 150 his NS is the same as his numerical value VN as explained in the ENSAMBLE ECHAD for the name NOACH

    4. Celestial Palace of Moshiach VN = 358 NS = 16 e, the guardian of the Hell's Gate of Moshiach Palace

    Hamash'chit the angel of the forces of destruction VN = 763 NS = 16


    Essav VN = 376, the same numerical value of the Word Shalom, therefore NS = 16 just because it has the same numerical value of the Word Shalom, shows Rashi's predictions that Yaacov will find his brother Essav in peace in messianic times

    5. The Celestial Palace of Yerushalaim VN = 596 logo NS = 20 and the guardian of the gate of hell of this Celestial Palace is

    Mash'chit, the force of destruction, whose NS = 20

    Note: since the first king of Israel took the throne in 2882 soon NS = 2 + 8 + 8 + 2 = 20 it is shown that Yerushalaim belongs to the Kingdom of Israel

    And so, Gd Completed (Assá VN = 776 NS = 20) His work

    Shalom to everyone

  4. "The Jewish view on Marijuana" kinda arrogant to say so. I humbly disagree. I'm Jewish and I believe alcohol is more mind altering than marijuana. I've tried both. I can get black out drunk and not even realize what I'm doing. That is very mind altering if you ask me. That would never happen with marijuana. Pot heads aren't killing people in car accidents, or stabbing their wife to death because dinner was over cooked. Talking about something you don't have experience with is like listening to the old "war on drugs, DARE" narrative. Not much truth here.

  5. This is a lot of medical and psychology material being misunderstood. Marijuana and psychedelics turn a person inwards and can ease INTROSPECTION the ONLY thing that can help someone with a personality disorder and what is usually aimed at with therapy. Additionally: personality disorders are not addictions; the personality disorders that have poor impulse control are antisocial and borderline; narcissists primary traits are that they only do things for themselves and at the costs of others being pathologically selfish.
    It's not good to cover topics without doing good research Rabbi… sorry

  6. How about people's who's lives have been saved by cannabis and other "drugs"? Why something certainly destructive like tobacco or alcohol be allowed while less harmful and spiritually enhancing substances be prohibited?

  7. In my opinion alcohol makes people aggressive, nasty because they simply dont care about the outcome of their actions. Marijuana relaxes people, helps with amazing, meaniningful hitbodedut. Why is cannabis considered a drug but not tobacco and alcohol? Why is tobacco kosher when it is proven to wreck the body??!

  8. With all the respect, there are man made medical drugs that alter human mind more then any of the natural substances, including opiates. Yet, it is acceptable, because it is being controlled by the officials. And I am not saying the society is not suffering from it.

  9. They used to talk a lot about amotivational syndrome… This is a real thing whether marijuana is addictive or not. Aside from the dangers of specific Delivery Systems for instance you can avoid all problems by using edibles and appropriate Vapes

    Spirit Schul pursuits can be enhanced, through the measured use of cannabis

    Cannabis should be limited for anybody that can't afford it, and for anybody that is Young and going through their educational years

  10. You've helped me many times to realize life matters. I came from a mental state that nothing really matters. Everyday now my thoughts are why am I here, and what does G-d need me to do. If I can do even one thing G-d needs all the suffering of my life was worth it. I am grateful. Thank you "Ambassador Eyewear of Windsor, Canada!!!"

  11. I pondered this last night……..
    Last night my husband compared the beloved holy land to a tree with rotting fruit (wars and turmoil)…..the wife said to the husband…. should we pick the rotting fruit early to put in the trash…the husband said to the wife…. no keep it on the tree, the bad fruit left will attract all the pests keeping all the other fruits on the tree safe until the time of harvest….the wife said to the husband….why not just get ride of the bad fruit early so the tree looks prettier….the husband said to the wife….the fruit has been on the tree a long time and will naturally fall off before the good fruit is ready…the wife said to the husband….wouldn't it easier to clean up before it falls to the ground…the husband said to the wife….if the bad fruit hits the ground we can hope for a new seedling in your new orchard…………….ss

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