1. Weed should be legal. Alcohol should not be legal. Alcohol fucks up more lives . Alcoholics should be treated with weed to get them off the poison. Smoke every day or drink e ery day one is so much worse for you . Alcohol makes you say things you dont remember,fight people,dui,domestic violence,ect. Weed is a peaceful drug.

  2. The second woman makes me want to slap her with a bag of nickels. I get tired of ppl saying  "kids are gonna start doing it." Guess what dumbass, kids are already smoking and drinking anyway.  It's harder for them to get alcohol because it's legal and controlled.   Marijuana is illegal so it's easier for them to get their hands on it from a dealer who doesn't care about how young the kid is.  If it were legalized and controlled like alcohol kids would have a harder time. Not saying they won't get their hands on it, but it'll be harder.

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  4. its the parents job to make sure they're not smoking at an early age. so that whole kids smoking too young issue is sooooooo invalid. plus alcohol and cigarettes are legal and kids will find ways to do that and thats a 1000 times worse for there body then cannabis.

  5. Having a black market only makes weed more accessible to kids. Weed is infinitely easier to obtain than alcohol for minors because drug dealers don't care if the kid is 12 years old; they just want to see the money. Cannabis has been proven to be much safer than alcohol; it has less withdrawal effects than caffine for god's sake. It's sad that this is even an issue.

  6. I would rather my kids smoke the plant of their choice and be free than see them end up in jail for a victimless crime that is only a crime because the UN said so, when the UN has been caught running international sex slave operations. So what moral authority can the UN possibly have. What is disturbing is that we have to fight so hard just to be able to smoke a cigarette. It all seems so silly, the way nations submit to this pseudo authority. Next we have to tackle raw milk prohibition.

  7. Ignorance vs. sanity: Sanity won!!! "I have a couple small kids, and I think they should go to prison for using marijuana."

    Congratulations to the States of Colorado and Washington, for standing up against corruption. The rest of the world thanks you.

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